‘Chicago Med’: Could Colin Donnell Return for Season 8?

by Alex Falls

Chicago Med has played host to a huge number of memorable characters over the years. You never know who might show up in the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

Someone we haven’t seen in quite some time is Dr. Rhodes. Played by Colin Donnell, the trauma surgeon was a key player on the show for its first several years. It’s easy to see what he brought to the story when fans go back to binge the early episodes. Rhodes was never far from the drama as handled many close medical calls and brought several tense relationships.

However, his time on the medical center staff was relatively short-lived. His regular role was written off in season three when Dr. Rhodes was given the chance to work at the Mayo clinic. He did make a guest appearance later in the season 5 episode, “Never Going to Go Back to Normal,” but this was the last time we saw him. Rhodes decided to leave Chicago after being questioned by police over the death of a family member. Based on the little we do know about his life post-show, he has never returned.

Bringing Dr. Rhodes back into the fold seems unlikely. The One Chicago franchise has a sprawling list of characters and storylines across its separate franchises. However, with Rhodes now residing outside of the city, the best chance we could be looking at is another guest spot similar to his season 5 appearance.

What’s in Store for Chicago Med Season 8?

Chicago Med fans are anxiously waiting to find out when season 8 will bow to audiences. Chicago Med and the other One Chicago shows will likely drop in mid to late September if history is any indication. But according to TV bloggers Matt & Jess Carter, we won’t receive full confirmation until later this summer.

According to the outlet, networks tend to announce premiere dates for Fall shows sometime between late June to mid-July. That way, production details can be locked down as the first few episodes complete their post-production process by the premiere date. In the eyes of fans, the worst thing a network can do is unexpectedly push out premiere dates to highly anticipated shows.

We’re at least a few weeks away from knowing when Chicago Med and the wider Chicago One franchise will return to our TV screens. With the hair-raising finale to season 7 of Chicago Med still fresh in fans minds, the anticipation is certainly high for the next premiere date.

Many fans believe that the explosive finale will lead to a major One Chicago crossover event. The gunman could bring Chicago P.D. to the scene. The same can be said about the fire bringing Station 51 and the Chicago Fire crew into the fold. No matter how the events of the finale progress, fans will be tuning in and paying close attention.