‘Chicago Med’: Could This Major Character’s Career Be at Stake in Season 8?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chicago Med ended its seventh season last week with a slow burn as it set up cliffhangers for the fall.

Of course, the main cliffhanger involved a fire threatening to engulf the apartment building where Will and Hanna live and Dylan just happened to go to meet up with Jo. Plus, Dylan just shot a guy in self-defense. Will they live or die? (Cause if it’s dying, their careers at Chicago Med are over, too). Maybe there will be a crossover with Chicago Fire.

But we’re really worried about Dr. Pamela Blake and Dr. Crockett Marcell. It’s difficult to imagine them remaining status quo in the first few weeks of season eight. (NBC has yet to reveal any premiere dates).

So here’s what happened between Blake and Marcell. Blake is the hospital’s super talented transplant surgeon. But she’s been having problems with her fingers. A condition in her neck was causing her fingers to shake and not pinch together. Surgery was her best option. Now, Blake also has a grown daughter named Avery. And all three came very close to getting entangled in a love triangle. We bring up Avery because Blake gave her power of attorney to Marcel rather than allowing her daughter to make decisions for her while she’s under anesthesia. Blake said of Marcel there’s “no one I trust more.” (Read Outsider recap here.)

As it turned out, there was a complication. Crockett made the wrong decision. And that decision definitely will linger. But when the orthopedist surgeon started to put her through some post-op checks, Blake couldn’t touch her nose. She’d try, but her finger would poke her cheek. Yes, she suffered a small stroke during surgery. Could she recover from it? Was it because of Crockett’s poor decision? There will be so-much upcoming Chicago Med drama. After all, these kinds of situations don’t correct themselves during the summer. You save the good stuff for the fall TV season.

“I trusted you. How could you do this to me?” Blake asked Crockett. “Your life was on the line,” he snapped.

“If I can’t operate again, what does it matter?” she pondered. Besides never operating again, we’re wondering if Blake ever will speak to Crockett again. Their budding Chicago Med romance might be DOA.

Earlier in May, Blake caused a patient to develop complications because her fingers didn’t work properly. A clip she used on a liver transplant didn’t hold. Blake told Crocket: “It didn’t hold because I didn’t engage it tightly enough,” Then she explained “I couldn’t engage it. My hand at rest … rock steady. But when I pinch my fingers together, there’s something wrong with my hand, Crockett. There’s something really wrong.”