‘Chicago Med’: Does Dr. Natalie Manning Die?

by Shelby Scott

The One Chicago universe has rocked fans with some pretty expected character deaths in past seasons. We’ve even seen some intense demises over on Chicago Med. Realistically, the characters that populate the worlds of Chicago Fire and Chicago PD face some of the most intense situations face to face in every single episode; it’s part of their job descriptions. However, every so often, our Med staff experiences some scary encounters themselves. Fortunately, season seven of the NBC medical drama saw just one significant character death: Dr. Ethan Choi’s father, Patrick. So in the end, the most influential characters remained safe for yet another season. That said, some fans are confused about the fate of Chicago Med star Torrey DeVitto’s character Natalie Manning, with some even wondering, was she killed off?

To our great relief, Natalie Manning was not killed off of Chicago Med, despite having suffered a major car accident that led to a traumatic brain injury in the season four finale. As per One Chicago Center, Dr. Manning managed to stay safe and healthy all the way up to her season seven departure. And even then, writers left the door open for the character to make a cameo in future episodes at any time.

Why Did Torrey DeVitto Depart ‘Chicago Med’?

We can’t be certain why exactly Torrey DeVitto decided to leave Chicago Med. However, according to the outlet, details regarding DeVitto’s departure are fuzzy, though based on her statements following her exit early last year, she seemed to want to pursue new roles and characters.

“All good things must come to an end,” the Chicago Med star wrote amid her departure from the show. “It has been such an honor and pure joy to bring Dr. Natalie Manning to life or all of you on ‘Chicago Med’ for the past six seasons.”

She further added, “I can’t wait to share what’s to come with all of you. New adventures await!”

Torrey DeVitto Worked in Healthcare Before Coming to ‘One Chicago’

There are many reasons why Chicago Med fans fell in love with DeVitto’s character Natalie Manning during her six seasons on the show. However, one likely reason is the sense of realism the actress brought to the character. Interestingly, before DeVitto scored her leading role on Chicago Med, she actually worked as a full-time hospice caretaker.

While speaking with Nerds of Color, the Natalie Manning actress said that taking on her role “just felt right.”

“I went into this [audition],” she told the outlet, “and I had been doing hospice care for about eight years at that point. And I went into the audition feeling like, ‘wow, I really feel my hospice work wanting to merge with this role.'”

Altogether, she said, “It was like one of those feelings where I was like, ‘I need this, I need this. This role is made for me.’ And luckily, they thought it too.”