‘Chicago Med’: Is Dylan Scott Returning for Season 8?

by Shelby Scott

Despite his status as one of the newest members of “Chicago Med,” Guy Lockard’s Dr. Dylan Scott has quickly become a favorite among fans. However, nothing could prepare us for the deadly situation he and series original cast member Nick Ghelfuss (Will Halstead) found themselves in during the season seven finale. Trapped inside a burning building after trying to aid a cop with a blown cover, “Chicago Med” showrunners have us worrying about Dylan Scott’s fate when the show returns in the fall.

Fortunately, however, we shouldn’t have to worry too long. One Chicago Center reports Guy Lockard is definitely returning as Dylan Scott during “Med’s” eighth season. His history as a cop has also aided in multiple intense situations throughout the latest season. Therefore, his character is especially crucial at the hospital.

Dylan Scott is also an interesting character for other reasons. While he’s definitely proven himself as a doctor, his willingness to bend the rules to help others speaks to his experience as a law enforcement officer. That said, Dylan Scott could also serve as a major connecting point between “Chicago Med” and “Chicago PD.”

Hopefully, we’ll get to see more “One Chicago” crossovers when the franchise returns with all-new episodes in the fall.

What Can We Expect From ‘Chicago Med’ Following the Season 8 Finale?

As we know, “Chicago Med” concluded with a high stakes finale, with both Dr. Scott and Dr. Halstead in an incredibly dangerous situation. So what exactly does that indicate for season eight?

Well, first off, fans can definitely look forward to an exciting crossover event with “Chicago Med” and “Chicago Fire,” with the crew at Firehouse 51 sure to come to the good doctors’ rescue.

Aside from that, we can’t be sure what to expect. Not only did “Chicago Med’s” season seven finale conclude in a blaze, but Dylan and Jo also faced down a criminal with a gun. Though the shooter had his gun pointed at the undercover cop, Guy Lockard’s character saved her, tackling him. And although the gun went off, it ended up injuring the assailant rather than Jo. Or so we thought.

Sticking to his oath as a doctor to “do no harm,” Scott stayed behind to try and help the injured shooter, Will Halstead rushing in after hearing the gunshot.

While Jo leaves, after long moments of arguing, Dylan realizes she’s been hurt, leaving her fate undecided ahead of the season eight premiere as well.

So, will the upcoming season open with several character deaths? Unlikely. Will Halstead’s been with us from the beginning and he’s evaded numerous dangerous situations. And as to Guy Lockard, it’s also unlikely writers would decide to kill off such a well-liked character so soon.

Nevertheless, we’ll have to wait to learn Dr. Scott’s fate when “Chicago Med” returns later this year.