‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Brutally Honest About Connor and Robin

by Joe Rutland

Much like many soap operas that you will find on TV, Chicago Med knows how to include romance in good storylines. One such romance happened between Connor and Robin. The twosome, which was on the show at one time, drew fans into their lives. Well, those same fans have some thoughts about the couple. They would not mind seeing them come back to Gaffney at some point. For some of them, next season would be good enough. Still, don’t hold your breath about these actors returning as their beloved characters.

Mekia Cox played Dr. Robin Charles while Colin Donnell appeared as Dr. Connor Rhodes. They are no longer on Chicago Med but their pairing remains near and dear to fans’ hearts. When you have such a passionate love connection happening, it tugs on their heartstrings then, now, and forever. We did find out that Robin went through surgery for a brain tumor.

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Aren’t Shy About This Couple

While Rhodes still loved her, it was not enough for Robin to keep working at Gaffney. She ended things between them and ultimately moved on out of Chicago. Robin’s father is Dr. Daniel Charles, played by Oliver Platt, who is the Director of Psychiatry there. Donnell and his Rhodes also would leave the series, too.

But these Chicago Med fans do not hold back in their thoughts and desires around Connor and Robin. A thread on Reddit asked fans to rate the relationship, or “ship” for short. A majority of them voted for “The ship is okay.” But a good chunk added their upward votes for “I love the ship.” One fan wrote, “Deserved better! If they’d ever want to come back, I’d love to see that they found their way back to each other and got back together :)”.

Another Redditor added, “They needed to do that ship so much better. They made a great couple and even supported her through her mental health crisis.” It was originally thought that Robin might have been suffering from schizophrenia before getting her correct diagnosis. Yet her father would be the one to figure out a correct diagnosis for his daughter. Will this couple really get back together? It’s something these fans would like to see a whole lot. Chicago Med remains one of the most popular of the numerous primetime dramas on NBC. Fans know that it comes on Wednesday nights as part of the One Chicago franchise of Dick Wolf shows. If you are looking for Pratt to return and play his role, then he’ll be there. Look for the drama to pick up this season at Gaffney once again. There always is something going down on the show.