‘Chicago Med’ Fans ‘Can’t Stand’ This Major Character

by Sean Griffin

Fans of the popular NBC series Chicago Med recently took to Reddit to voice their displeasure with one character.

In the thread, fans are going after Brian Tee’s character, Dr. Ethan Choi. The initial post that started the conversation was made by a user named Creative-Play1848. They wrote, “I’m only on season 3 but I can’t stand Choi. He has no compassion for patients and their desires if they go against what he thinks is best. He also doesn’t care about any mental health issue and is constantly undermining Dr. Charles.”

The post in the Chicago Med community thread currently has six upvotes and five comments.

Another user named Ordinary_Chef4647 commented, “he’s literally constantly so bothered and insufferable and full of angst, i agree.” That comment received eight upvotes.

User Ella_D08 agrees but offers a caveat, writing, “He’s not a good character, but he’s written well.”

However, other users disagree that Dr. Choi was entirely bad. Reddit user bluestarlunchador had some thoughts on Dr. Choi’s character. He lists several pet peeves but one reason he does admire Choi.

“I like Dr. Choi sometimes but my pet peeves with him is he tends to get assign to cases where his patient will have a “secret”. He doesn’t respect their choice in keeping their secret/privacy.”

The user went on, saying, “He has little empathy for their choice in privacy. He really hates when people keep secrets from him, where he takes it too personal. I’m on season 5, so he comes across patients with a secret a handful of times and I started rolling my eyes every time when his patient has a secret lol Of course its gotta be Choi’s patient.”

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Continue Dishing On Dr. Choi

However, that same user added one reason he appreciates Brian Tee’s character. “One thing I do like about Choi is when he f***s ups and he knows he messed up, he owns up to his mistakes 100% and takes responsibility.”

Reddit user Bluestarlunchador revisited the thread yesterday, adding to their original comment. They wrote, “I finished an episode in a later season and someone called him out that he projects on his patients.”

A final user revealed their thoughts on Dr. Choi. “He made me come to this sub because he’s so judgemental for no good reason,” they wrote. “Like just treat the patient and move on to the next one, did he spend his time in the navy judging why soldiers enlisted etc? Probably not.”

However, the user added one favorite benefit to Choi’s character: pandas. “I liked that him volunteering at the zoo brought us the Panda episode,” they said. “I fricking love pandas!”

It remains to be seen if Season 8 will have pandas. However, the premiere date has been released. Chicago Med Season 8 premieres on September 21, 2022.