‘Chicago Med’ Fans Caught One Military Goof in Season 7

by Craig Garrett

Chicago Med recently featured a glaring Military blunder that had many eagle eyed viewers rolling their eyes. Played by Brian Tee, Dr. Ethan Choi has been a main character of Chicago Med since the first season. The character is a fan favorite, partially due to his military service. Before joining the other characters at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, Dr. Choi was a Navy medic. A lot of stories featuring Dr. Choi have delved into his substantial military career. Because of this, the writers and producers try to have some fidelity to military authenticity.

However in season 7, episode 21 of Chicago Med, Dr. Choi visits the home of family friend and spot a picture of himself. The picture in question features Brian Tee’s character on his first day of service in the Navy. Adorning Dr. Choi’s uniform are multiples medals, unlikely on the first day of military service. Reddit was quick to point out the gaffe.

One user, KathJaneway commented, “I was able to accept everything not always being realistic , but did you see those photos over the fireplace when Dr. Choi visits his father’s old boyfriend?? TERRIBLE PHOTOSHOPPING!!!” Another reddit user weighed in, pointing out Chicago Med ins’t the first Dick Wolf show to blunder with the military. “No offense to Dick Wolf, but he has NEVER gotten military uniforms right. Even watch the original L&O, they did it. I understand Hollywood can’t do it exactly (there are too many of us Vets who notice) but come on! Don’t be so blatent [sic] about it.”

Chicago Med isn’t alone in messing up Military uniforms in pop culture

Reddit is no alone in their annoyance at tv shows like Chicago Med. According to the military centric website Task & Purpose, it’s one of the top things veterans hate. “Dress uniforms are so precise and detailed that real service members occasionally get things wrong. What medals an actor wears in a movie makes little difference to the majority of the audience, but to the military and veterans community, it really sticks out,” the site proclaims. “The ability of movie studios to portray the uniform correctly is even legally protected, so if movie producers get it wrong, they have no excuse,” they conclude.

Still, Chicago Med is not alone when it comes to military mistakes in tv and film. Many high profile productions have glaring errors in regards to the military. Some are huge impossibilities, such as in Top Gun when Maverick flies inverted mere feet away from an enemy jet. Other mistakes are more subtle, like Navy SEALS using their real names over the radio in the 1990 film Navy SEALS. Regardless, here’s hoping that Dick Wolf and company strive to keep their military details straight going forward.