‘Chicago Med’ Fans Could Not Understand One Goodwin Decision

by Taylor Cunningham

When Chicago Med lost fan-favorite Ethan Choi as the Gaffney department head, Sharon Goodwin placed the hospital’s villain in his spot. And the choice was highly unpopular.

During the season 6 closure, an unhinged ex-patient walked into the ER with a grudge and wielding a gun. He was looking for Steven Archer, but it was Ethan who got the bullet.

The wounds nearly killed Ethan, who had just only taken over as the chief. But luckily, his fellow doctors managed to save his life. Recovery, however, took months of his time. And he had to take an extended leave of absence to heal.

With him gone, Goodwin was forced to pick a chief interim. And out of all of the doctors willing and able to step up for their wounded hero, it was Archer who she chose to take over.

And as all fans know, Archer is perhaps the least liked character by both audiences and the other doctors and nurses onscreen. So when he was honored with the position, people were mad. And now that Ethan relinquished his promotion to Archer indefinitely, some are furious.

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Don’t Think Archer Deserved His Promotion

Just last week, a thread hit Reddit asking, “why didn’t anyone stop Goodwin from appointing Archer as chief of the ED?” And honestly, his promotion really didn’t make sense to us either.

The original poster pointed out all the obvious reasons that he shouldn’t be running the Gaffney team. They noted that he has always shown “insane behavior” while practicing medicine. Furthermore, resident psych Charles believed that he was wholly responsible for Ethan’s attack. And because Charles and Goodwin are best friends, people would think he would’ve talked some sense into here.

“Why is he allowed to be in this position??” they asked.

In the comments, people were very mixed about whether or not Archer deserved to be in the position. But they all agreed that he is morally bankrupt.

Several people pointed out that he “drugged the crazy guy with morphine to get him to comply.” They also noted that he’s incapable of respectfully handling subordinates. And, of course, he’s always “vindictive.”

But some fans don’t seem to think any of that matters—because he’s still a good doctor.

“Archer is a good doctor,”meepmeepmur wrote. “Goodwin isn’t there to make sure they all get along, she’s there so that the patient is well taken care of and given the best treatment to their abilities.”

And one fan had an interesting theory that the storyline is on track to make Archer become a more likable guy. Because while sitting in for Ethan, he had to face his own demons and is possibly coming out better for it.

“I think at the time I felt the same way,” Trick-Ambassador4468 admitted. “But I feel like the season that just wrapped up this May. Archer’s character seemed to have changed a smidge like he was almost proving his worth.”