‘Chicago Med’ Fans Don’t Understand How This Character Got Into Medical School

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago Med has seen hundreds of characters walk through the halls of Gaffney Medical Center. And like most series, some were fan favorites while others left things to be desired. But former medical student Noah Sexton may take the prize for the least likable yet. And on top of that, no one can figure out how he made it through medical school.

Noah is ER nurse April Sexton’s younger brother. The character appeared on a recurring basis during the first six seasons of the show.

When he was introduced, he was a medical student who happened to be studying at Gaffney. Once he graduated, he moved on to be a resident in the general surgery department. And all the while, the young doctor was causing problems all over the hospital. His stubbornness and inability to accept authority got him into trouble in nearly every episode. And eventually, he ended up getting fired for breaking protocol while following his own moral compass during an emotional medical case.

Noah Sexton also struggled to maintain his personal life outside of the hospital. So in all, his life was a complete mess. And because the character had little self restrain or maturity, many Chicago Med fans are trying to figure out how he even graduated medical school at all.

“Tbh Noah is a sweet kid but is so incompetent it’s ridiculous,” Reddit user u/seeyalateradios commented on a r/ChicagoMed post. “Flirting on the job and breaking protocol to get his way isn’t the signs of a good doctor.”

“I, too, am genuinely mystified [that he graduated],” u/BananaRepublic_BR added.

April Sexton Helped Her ‘Chicago Med’ Brother Get Through School

The writers actually recognized that April’s brother wasn’t exactly the doctor type, too. So they explained that April had to help him study and stay focused. And, because the siblings had a rough childhood, she also took it upon herself to pay for his schooling. So, he perhaps abused all the help and never put his mind to good use.

But one user pointed out that his problems may not have stemmed from getting too many handouts. Instead, he may have just been stunted by the fact that he always had his head in his books.

“I think he’s a good example of someone who spent all of their life studying, years of high school and college and med school, and didn’t get to be a regular young adult,” user u/universe93 noted. “So when he finally has a full-time job he still acts like a teenager because socially that’s where he is.”

No matter what reason Noah had for being childish and self-serving, though, it doesn’t matter. People aren’t a fan of him.

As many of them stated, he was “goofy and childish” and “ridiculously unaware of what it means to be in the medical field.” So they were happy to see him walk away in season 6.

Though, they do give props to the star Roland Buck III for pulling off the unlikeable character so flawlessly.

“I’ve always said it’s an indication of what a great job the actor is doing that people genuinely hate the character,” u/kindafunnylookin added.