‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Dying To See This Spinoff

by Emily Morgan

NBC’s “One Chicago” universe consists of “Chicago Fire,” “Chicago P.D.,” and “Chicago Med.” While each series follows a different group of characters and plotlines, each show revolves around the first responders based in the Windy City. The franchise is so successful that fans can’t help but push for potential spinoffs.

Much like many of its similar major network TV franchises, such as “NCIS,” the “One Chicago” franchise has been known to crossover into other One Chicago universes. In addition, fans love the franchise so much that the network streams free for fans on the “One Chicago” YouTube channel.

While “One Chicago Day” and the numerous crossover episodes between various iterations of its three series seem to keep the viewership of “One Chicago” engaged, it hasn’t stopped fans from hoping the universe continues to expand. For instance, plenty of online fans, and one cast member, have suggested multiple ways for how the show can grow.

For example, “Chicago Fire” actor Charlie Barnett once presented a spinoff in which he created a firehouse in Puerto Rico. However, his idea would get thrown out after it ruffled some feathers among the “Chicago Fire” fans.

Recently, one online user brought up an idea for a “Chicago Med” spinoff that actually turned out to be a hit among its fans. A user named peachesfromjupiter proposed an idea for a “Chicago Med” spinoff. They posted on a subreddit for the series in a thread titled, “Hear me out, a spinoff featuring dr. Charles, Goodwin etc when they were young.”

In it, the user outlined a new series that follows the lives of some of the previous doctors from “Chicago Med” when they first began their careers.

‘Chicago Med’ fan presents theory for potential spinoff

After posting, numerous fans supported the idea, and others expanded on the user’s concept.

User nerddddd42 replied, “I know it would never actually happen but it’d be awesome to see. You could have Dr. Charles’ generation as the residents and attendings, with Sharon in Maggie’s position. Then have Latham as a student and Maggie as a trainee nurse.” User itstimegeez, wrote, “Ooh yeah and bring in a young Dr Downey too.”

As fans know, “Chicago Med” takes place in the present. During the pandemic, the show included a plotline surrounding COVID-19.

“It was something that we had to incorporate, being a contemporary medical show,” executive producer Andrew Schneider said. As a result, we might see a prequel that could tackle other real-life public health scares from the past.

As we know, one distinctive factor of the “One Chicago” series is their ability to cross over with one another. A flashback series by itself might be a challenge in making such an idea a reality.