‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Furious About One Character’s Return

by Joe Rutland

Chicago Med fans love their show and watch the different characters appear on NBC, but they aren’t hot about this one. When fans have opinions, they share them on one of the Internet’s favorite message boards. This is no different when they start talking about this doctor coming back for another season. Who is the target of their ire?

None other than veteran actor Steven Weber, who plays Dr. Dean Archer on the show. A thread on Reddit is where Chicago Med fans are letting the world know about their thoughts on this matter. One fan writes, “I knew this was going to happen when he was with Sharon, and they were inviting Dr. Asher back into the fold. They have been trying to make Archer a bit more palatable to the ‘Med’ audience, but I still don’t like that arsehole. Ugh.”

Fan of ‘Chicago Med’ Would Be Happy To See Archer Leave Show

Another one says, “I love Steven Weber and love to hate his character. Still waiting for the final showdown between he and Choi that will eventually send him packing.” This Chicago Med fan says, “I guess I’m the only one on this sub who honestly doesn’t mind Archer at all lol. As a character in a story, anyway – as a person, he’s definitely a huge a**hole. But he’s also a very practical, pragmatic doctor who generally does a good job of calling out our other characters when they get up to their usual stupid, unethical, experimental shenanigans.”

This fan is about ready to call it quits on the whole thing. Just read what the Redditor says: “this might [be] the final nail in the coffin for me quitting this show. not a fan of his character, find him the same as choi who i dislike too. i’ve tried to give it a chance with all the cast changes but it’s not working for me sadly.” OK. Would it help some of these fans to know that Weber finds it disconcerting that they don’t like Archer?

Weber Adds That The Doctor Is A Good Guy Who’s Been Through A Lot

“Listen,” Weber said in an interview. “I’m starting to hear from people and fans of the show that Dean is not particularly liked, and that’s a little disconcerting coming from a guy like me who has worked all his life specifically to be liked.”

The actor said that Archer is a good guy. But he’s been through a lot of stuff in his life, Weber added. Just like a lot of people have been through it all. Weber adds that Archer was a surgeon in the Navy and that he’s seen action. There were issues around that time in the military.