‘Chicago Med’ Fans Have This Major Issue With the Show’s Doctors

by Joe Rutland

Medical dramas like Chicago Med deal with a lot of different issues throughout the episodes that are on TV and fans watch closely. They look to see if doctors are behaving properly and even show emotion. Sure, some doctors on the NBC drama might be more in touch with their feelings than others. Fans, though, will observe when some of them aren’t that tuned into a situation.

See, Chicago Med fans are not seeing too much compassion from their favorite doctors. Some of them went on a thread on Reddit and aired their grievances. They pointed comments toward Halstead, played by Nick Gehlfuss. Another one in the crosshairs was Dr. Choi, played by Brian Tee. Choi came under fire for his reaction to a 14-year-old giving birth in an alleyway. Halstead caught grief over his own compassionless response to a lady signing a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) order. He says, “Has she considered her family?” As someone who has dealt with a DNR in life, compassion is one thing that I will want at this time.

Fans of ‘Chicago Med’ Are Airing Their Grievances About Characters

When it comes to that compassion issue, one fan writes, “They are. It’s a non-realistic show, Manning is a pain in the ass, and the only one we like is Dr. Charles. Yet, I never miss an episode. LOL” Well, a Redditor also saw that episode featuring the DNR issue. Halstead revived a patient even though a DNR was signed. “I almost rage quit in season 1 over that DNR but another user convinced me to hold out for season 2,” the fan writes. “It does get better but you’re stuck with an uppity Manning for the long haul. Will does get better too, so does Choi for the most part, but I’m on season 5 and mostly watching for Connor, Latham, and Charles.”

One thing you can say about this show is that there’s never a dull moment. That’s just a great part of all the One Chicago franchise shows that also include Chicago PD and Chicago Fire. Would more compassion help on a medical show? Absolutely. Yet one has to look at the different characters and how they respond to the situations.

Speaking of fans and Chicago Med, there are some changes that they are looking for in Season 8. One fan spells this out on Reddit rather matter-of-factly. “For me: 1) Dr. Choi to be back full time,” the Redditor writes. “2) Maggie to not cheat on Ben. 3) More Halstead brothers fixing burnt apartment building story, Jay could go after them with Will’s help. 4) More Dr. Charles, maybe a resident for him. These are just some examples of what I mean.”