‘Chicago Med’ Fans Reveal Their All-Time Favorite Patient

by Shelby Scott

Over seven seasons of Chicago Med, we’ve been introduced to plenty of lovable cast regulars. However, despite their lesser importance within the show’s overarching storyline, we’ve met even more Gaffney Medical Center patients. In the end, we only get about 40 minutes to meet each patient. But, nevertheless, fans have still pinpointed their all-time favorite patient. And she’s definitely a memorable individual.

According to Looper, Chicago Med fans pinpointed actress Julie White’s character from way back in season three. Despite all the unique cases we’ve seen since Chicago Med first premiered, Julie White’s character Tessa left a lasting impression.

As the outlet reminds us, we met Tessa during the episode “Best Laid Plans,” which aired in season three. In it, Tessa, a middle-aged woman of about 55, comes to Gaffney Medical complaining of serious abdominal pains. However, the tables quickly turned. Soon, we learn that, despite having already gone through menopause, she will soon welcome a new baby.

Taking to Reddit, many Chicago Med fans recalled Tessa as their all-time favorite patient.

“[T]he 55 year old pregnant woman is my favorite of the moment,” one fan responded to a thread that read, “Who is/are your favorite patient(s)? Who is/are your most hated patient(s)?”

Another shared a similar answer, writing, “The older lady surprised by a baby was my favorite.” Several other fans shared near-identical answers.

Now, with season eight of the NBC medical drama on the horizon, it will be interesting to see what unique cases Chicago Med writers come up with this year.

‘Chicago Med’ is Leaving Netflix Next Month

If you’re currently binging Chicago Med on Netflix, then you better binge fast. By next month, Chicago Med will no longer air on the streaming platform. Instead, fans will have to find other platforms in order to watch their favorite medical drama.

In essence, though, it shouldn’t be too difficult for fans to binge the current seasons on Netflix. Chicago Med boasts seven full seasons altogether. However, only five of them are available on the streaming platform.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Netflix will officially boot Chicago Med from the platform on July 21st. So for those fans at mid-binge, you still have a few weeks at least before the NBC drama is no longer available for streaming.

Other titles leaving Netflix next month include The Edge of Seventeen, Forrest Gump, Friday the 13th, and Little Women, among others.

The main reason Chicago Med is leaving Netflix is that the licensing deal between it and NBC is shortly ending. And since NBC now has its own streaming platform, Peacock, the network no longer has a need for a partnership with Netflix.