‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Sick of How the Show Reuses Actors

by Leanne Stahulak

With procedurals like “Chicago Med” addressing new patients and cases almost every week, fans are bound to see hundreds of actors cycling through the show in a short period of time. But some fans take issue with the Dick Wolf franchise reusing actors within the same show or universe.

Per Looper, the three “One Chicago” shows all put together equate to about 557 episodes and 26 seasons of television. Given that much content and the week-to-week cases, fans have noticed that sometimes “Chicago Med” or “Fire” or “PD” reuses actors who appeared in a different storyline several years back.

One fan opened up a discussion about this phenomenon on Reddit earlier this month. The original poster wrote, “Anyone else get upset about them reusing actors but not for the same characters? Always patients too. Do I pay too much attention?”

Apparently, the original poster isn’t the only fan who pays attention. Another person commented on the thread, “You’re right, it’s so obvious they do that, too!!”

Someone else wrote, “I’m really bad at noticing this though I’ve heard it. Any examples so I can look back?”

Other “Chicago Med” fans quickly swooped in with several examples of reused actors. One person pointed out how “Dr. Choi was a perp on PD” and “Ritter (from Fire) was a patient on Med first. I’m sure there are others.”

Looper confirmed the Reddit user’s claim. Apparently, Brian Tee, who plays Dr. Ethan Choi on “Med,” first guest starred in one episode of “Chicago PD” as Jesse Kong. The other actor, Daniel Kyri, started out on “Chicago Med” as a guest star, playing Lane Tucker in Season 3. Now, he has a regular role as Darren Ritter on “Chicago Fire.”

The original poster jumped into the comments as well with their own examples of reused actors. “The most glaring one to me was Ramona Davis- the patient who becomes fixated on Dr. Charles,” the original poster said. “She previously was in the ED as a different patient, had a baby while her dad had a heart attack, and came back to life to see the baby. Super dramatic storylines both times.”

‘Chicago Med’ Leaves Netflix For Good

Bad news for “Chicago Med” fans and Netflix subscribers. The NBC procedural is no longer available on the streaming service.

The move was a long time coming, what with NBC launching its own streaming service, Peacock. Once the network’s contract with Netflix was up, it snatched up the NBC series to place it with other network titles. A similar thing happened to “The Office” earlier this year, and other NBC staples.

If you want to catch older or more recent seasons of “Chicago Med,” you can now find them on Peacock.