‘Chicago Med’ Fans Slam This Character as ‘Annoying’ and ‘Self-Righteous’

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the popular One Chicago drama series Chicago Med are certainly a dedicated bunch. While there are no doubt clear fan-favorite characters among fans when it comes to this popular TV medical drama series, there is also one character that Med fans love to hate…Torrey DeVitto’s Dr. Natalie Manning.

In a recent Reddit post, Chicago Med fans come together to discuss this character – and what it is about the on-screen doctor that drives them crazy. One common theme is how annoying and generally ‘self-righteous’ fans feel this character can be.

Chicago Med Fans Have Some Major Issues With Torrey DeVitto’s Natalie Manning

In a recent Chicago Med Reddit thread, fans discuss their mutual dislike for one of the doctors on the hit One Chicago series. The entire discussion begins with one very brief – but very to-the-point statement about the Med character. “[I] hate Natalie with my entire being!” the fan exclaims in the thread. And, it soon became very clear that this fan was not alone at all.

“Yeah, she gets really annoying,” another commenter agrees in the Reddit thread.

“And [Will] just keeps defending her until the end,” continues the One Chicago fan.

“I get love and all,” the Redditor adds. However, the commenter continues, he needs to move on, this Redditor notes of Nick Gehlfuss’s character, Will Halstead.

Fans Are Getting Tired Of The One Chicago Character’s ‘Self Righteous’ Behavior

As fans took to this Reddit thread to comment their own thoughts on DeVitto’s Chicago Med character, one Redditor calls Natalie Manning a self-righteous tattle tale.

“[She’s] a [self-righteous] tattle tale,” the fan says in the post.

“Thats reason enough to despise the character,” this Redditor adds.

“[E}ver since she had her kid that she neglects, she is portrayed as this super [self-righteous] mom,” the commenter continues. “rushing to judge other parents and call child protective services.” This comment goes on to say that Natalie’s “self-righteous” attitude leads to ruining lives. Which, the Redditor says, is the character’s goal.

Natalie Manning Sees Few Consequences For Her Questionable Behavior, Fans Say

Another fan comments that Natalie Manning rarely sees consequences for her behavior. Even those Chicago Med characters we have seen trying to help her get a dose of Natalie’s bad attitude the fan points out.

“[There’s] never any consequences for her either,” the commenter says in the Reddit thread. Adding that she rarely takes any help from her Med coworkers

“[A]nd every time someone tries to help her (for example when [Will] took the blame for the cancer patient ) she comes up with “I’m not a little girl,” the Redditor continues.

“I think just about everyone gets to this point with Natalie,” another Chicago Med fan continues. “The show takes forever to do something about it.”