‘Chicago Med’ Fans Voice Their Opinions on Dr. Latham

by Joe Rutland

Chicago Med focuses on the activities and adventures of doctors at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center in the NBC medical drama. It’s a show that has been quite good for a number of actors’ careers. Viewers get to see many of them roll across their TV screens from season to season. Yet there is one character that draws a lot of opinions from those who regularly watch the show on Wednesday nights.

Ato Essandoh plays Dr. Isidore Latham on there. Viewers who tune into the show can see that Latham is quite serious about being a doctor. For the most part, he is all business – medical business – on there. Fans are really falling all over themselves when it comes to this character. A thread on Reddit sees them talk about Latham from their perspective.

Ato Essandoh of ‘Chicago Med’ Has Mentors In His Own Life

One fan wrote, “I wish they gave him more screen time, I would be interested to know more about his background.” That’s followed up by a reply that agrees with this sentiment. Fans also know that Latham is a mentor to Dr. Connor Rhodes, played by Colin Donnell. This fan wrote, “I really like him. He is very sweet and I think he loves his job. He was a very good mentor to Connor and Ava”. The fan is also referring to Dr. Ava Bekker, played by Norma Kuhling.

Viewers have seen him in 33 episodes of Chicago Med, according to IMDb. He’s done other TV work in his career, and that includes a turn as Alfredo Llamosa on the CBS drama Elementary. Where else have you seen Essandoh? The actor had another memorable turn in playing Reverend Darnell Potter on Blue Bloods.

In an interview with IMDb, Essandoh talked about the role mentors have played in his career. “I’ve had many mentors. A number of people who I’ve worked/am working with,” he said. “Most of them didn’t know they were mentoring me, but I kept an eye on them and watched how they worked. Will Smith is one. Meryl Streep is another. Hilary Swank currently. They all share a way of working that is inclusive, supportive, and inspiring. They’re great leaders. Also when I was just starting out, one of my best friend’s mom, Jane Nichols was an actress. She took me by the hand and introduced me to the New York theater scene. I wouldn’t have been an actor without Jane.”

Fans will be looking ahead to Season 8 to see if this character comes on back to the show. With as many appearances as he has on Chicago Med, it would seem wise to bring Latham back as part of the show.