‘Chicago Med’ Finale Sees Season 7 End in Fire and Birth

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chicago Med fans, you’re going to have to get through the summer knowing two of your favorite doctors may not make it. Meanwhile, a third might not ever be able to do surgery again, much less touch her nose.

So let’s recap the Chicago Med season seven finale aptly named “And Now We Come to the End.”

Let’s set up the episode with the plot tease: “Will and Hannah clash over a patient in need of a kidney transplant. Crockett is faced with a tough decision when Blake is in surgery. Ethan and Archer treat the son of Med’s general counsel. Med’s family grows.”

First, let’s chat about the good news for Chicago Med. Dr. Sharon Goodwin hosted her annual birthday party. And she received the best kind of gift. Her daughter went into labor during dinner — she thought those contractions were merely Braxton Hicks. To add to the urgency, the elevators at the restaurant were out of order. There was no way to get to the hospital. So Goodwin and some of her doctor friends helped deliver the baby. Congrats. It’s a grandson!

And speaking of babies, Maggie set up a meeting between Vanessa and her biological father. Maggie always thought her ex didn’t want to see her after she gave Vanessa up for adoption. But the dad proudly hugged Vanessa, the doctor.

Moving on to Ethan and Archer. The two treated a high school lacrosse player who was intent on earning a scholarship to play in college. His dad worried too much about his son playing this kind of sport. Imagine the worry after the son injured his knee. An MRI revealed an MCL tear, so the son wasn’t going to be able to play in front of the college recruiters. But the dad helped get the son into an evaluation camp. So father-son relationship righted itself.

Then flash forward to a military ceremony honoring Ethan’s dad, who died earlier in the season. Ethan received a flag at the ceremony. He gave it to his dad’s partner. Then Archer called his son, leaving him a message.

Dominic Rains is Dr, Crockett Marcel (KAMIL KRZACZYNSKI/AFP via Getty Images)

Elsewhere on Chicago Med, Dr Pamela Blake went in for her neck surgery. But surprise. Rather than give the power of attorney to her daughter, Avery, she made Crockett in charge of her medical decisions. The neck surgery proved to be complicated. So Crockett gave the surgeon another order. When Blake woke up, she couldn’t touch her finger to her nose, meaning she suffered some sort of stroke during surgery. Did Crockett make the wrong decision?

Now for the Chicago Med finale bad news.

Will and Hannah deal with a patient who is about to donate her kidney to her boyfriend. But the boyfriend tells Will that he wants to break up with her. In other words, she shouldn’t give him a kidney. But the girlfriend, even when she finds out that her boyfriend no longer loves her, still wants to go through with the kidney donation. Later that night, Hannah and Will decide to start over as new neighbors. But the apartment building catches on fire.

Meanwhile, Jo gives Dylan all the files she’s compiled while undercover. But she needs to leave because her cover was blown. She was hiding out in Will’s building. And Will comes in yelling about the fire. But another man tries to kill Jo, so Dylan shoots him first. They’re all trapped by flames.