‘Chicago Med’ Star Guy Lockard Reveals How He Was Cast in the Show

by Tia Bailey

Chicago Med” is coming back for a new season, and fan-favorite Guy Lockard (Dr. Dylan Scott) hinted at his return for Season 8. Lockard recently shared the casting process, and how he got the role of the beloved character.

Lockard appeared on the Cherish, Live, and Dream podcast, and talked about how he became Dr. Dylan Scott. The actor had appeared in “Chicago Fire,” and he caught the interest of the “Chicago Med” producers.

“The full story is that right before the pandemic in February 2020, I did an episode of Chicago Fire, and we did that episode and it played over well”, he recalled. Fast-forward to July of last year, I did an Audition for Dylan Scott, and one of the directors of the Chicago Fire episode got hired to be the executive producer of Chicago Med, and as soon as my tape came in, she pulled it,” according to Fansided.

Lockard was on set soon after, shooting scenes in the role.

Since his arrival in Season 7, fans have loved Dr. Dylan Scott. He quickly became a favorite on the show, even in his one season thus far.

The character’s arrival in the show began when Scott came over from the Chicago P.D. in order to become a resident at the hospital. He is a doctor in the Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics Department. His past as a police officer comes in handy with some cases, that being the case for his first appearance. After assessing a child’s snake bite, he recognized it as being part of a gang ritual, and was able to give the child sound advice along with treating him.

Fans took to Twitter to share their love for the new character last season. User @TNLM1821 shared: “And yet another example as to why Dr. Dylan Scott is so fricking awesome!!! #ChicagoMed #OneChicago”, followed by a GIF of Scott telling a kid that people care about him.

Guy Lockard Returns to “Chicago Med” Season 8

Season 7 ended in a stressful situation for most characters, Scott included. Fans were worried about the fate of Scott and some of their other favorite characters. Lockard seemed to put some minds at ease with an Instagram post that he was back on set.

The ending of Season 7 included Scott and Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) trapped inside a burning building. Viewers were shocked, as their fate was not shown or even hinted at. The show then took a summer hiatus, leaving fans to sit on this cliffhanger, along with all the other unanswered questions that the show left them with.

Thankfully, fans will be getting their answers soon. Season 8 of “Chicago Med” will premiere on September 21 on NBC.