‘Chicago Med’: Here’s Where You’ve Seen Dr. Heather Singh Actress Puja Mohindra Before

by Alex Falls

Chicago Med features a large and diverse cast of characters. TV shows need a lot of characters to build layered storylines that keep fans engaged. Some characters have important roles that help define the show entirely. Sometimes minor characters grow to become regular ones through a natural evolution of the story. But there are some characters who never make a major impact on the plot. Yet they appear in multiple episodes and help fill out the universe on display.

One example of these ancillary players from Chicago Med‘s universe is Dr. Heather Singh. Played by Puja Mohindra, the character has appeared in nine episodes of the NBC drama, but she largely appears just performing her job. In fact, Mohindra is a talented actress in her own right capable of providing an engaging character in her own right. But so far, that opportunity has not come on Chicago Med.

Nonetheless, she’s served as a memorable addition to the tense medical drama. But many viewers might recognize her for more than this one role. Mohindra has appeared in roles in film and TV for nearly two decades and she’s even starred in her own web series.

Mohindra cut her teeth appearing in several independent short films. She landed her first TV credits in the late 2000s by appearing in bit parts in shows like Ghost Whisperer and CSI: Miami. She eventually began a history of playing unnamed healthcare workers on shows like Three Rivers and All My Children.

The Evolution of Puja Mohindra

Mohindra looked at these roles merely as a day job. During an interview with Jore Magazine, she called it an interesting experience compared to her future roles because she got to stick to pure acting. “I can act and go home,” she said. “Someone else puts the whole show together.” The actress also explained that the experience is actually much more relaxing compared to her personal projects. However, her most recognizable work involves her taking a more active role in creating online videos.

Geeta’s Guide to Moving On is an OTV original web series based directly on Mohindra’s experience going through a major breakup. Throughout the 13 episodes, Geeta, played by Mohindra, learns to process her grief over the breakup to embrace moving on in life.

Mohindra helped create the show in addition to acting as the main character. She called it a daunting task. However, she noted that sharing such a big part of herself deepened her connection to the audience.

“The more I do it, the more I discover that I am not alone in my experiences, struggles, insecurities, hopes, losses, or my dreams,” Mohindra said. “I find that others have been through similar or parallel experiences, and in that vulnerability of sharing, there is connection, and in connection, there is strength, a revealing of our common humanity.”

Mohindra also recently played a recurring role in Netflix‘s The Lincoln Lawyer. She plays Sonia Patel, a grieving witness in the show’s central investigation. It’s been her biggest chance yet to display her acting skills to a wider audience. Time will tell if her growing experience will land her more lines in Chicago Med.