‘Chicago Med’ Honoring ‘Three’s Company’ Star John Ritter With ‘Meaningful’ Storyline

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

When you tune into this week’s episode of Chicago Med, there will be a little love and respect shown toward John Ritter. The actor, of course, is known for his role of Jack Tripper on Three’s Company. Sadly, he died of an aortic dissection. It’s also something to remember that Steven Weber, who plays Dr. Dean Archer on the show, was a friend of Ritter’s. It’s the new episode’s script that highlights the aortic dissection diagnosis. One of Archer’s patients needs open-heart surgery following the diagnosis. After Ritter’s death, his widow Amy Yasbeck founded the John Ritter Foundation for Aortic Health. Seeing this week’s script and plot was something that Weber would call “almost like a gift.”

“Amy had been talking about trying to find some sort of television or network tie-in in some regards to help spread the word about aortic dissection,” Weber told TV Insider. “Then this happened, almost like a gift. And so when I read the script, I did speak to the producers, and they were very incredibly helpful in floating the possibility of tying it into the show. They tried and they succeeded and I couldn’t be happier. And Amy is ecstatic.” Weber hopes that, with this very meaningful episode, “people came away with not only being moved by the story, but informed about something that is actually incredibly widespread and not that well known.”

‘Chicago Med’ Star Steven Weber Says Show Handled Issue ‘With Care’

Weber says there is not anything that he specifically asked to be included in the episode. He said, “I think they handle the particular storyline and the particular issue with care and with specificity, and it’s that care and specificity that made my ears prick up. In regards to the John Ritter Foundation, it actually kind of wrote itself. It was this gift from heaven, if you will, that seemed to answer Amy Yasbeck’s hope that a show could actually portray something meaningful and educational in regards to aortic dissection.”

As for more insights about the episode, Archer will handle the case as he usually does, Weber said. “He’s very blunt. He’s good as a surgeon,” he said. “He might not have the best bedside manner … but he does care about these patients and he cares about giving them the care that they deserve. So he goes in with customary bluntness and exactitude.”

Weber obviously loves his role of Archer. He’s been one of the steadiest actors in the show’s cast since joining Chicago Med. There are some moments that will be coming up for the character. What will happen here? It looks like the show will be adding a sense of depth to the Archer character.