Chicago Med’: How One Key Scene Used Footage From a Real-Life Surgery

by Suzanne Halliburton

One key storyline from Chicago Med Wednesday night involved a life-saving, but risky, liver surgery. It led to a shocking reveal by Dr. Blake.

The Dick Wolf Entertainment social media account took viewers behind the scenes for how Chicago Med actors did the anastomosis surgery. Parts of it were very real.

“For Crockett and Blake’s surgery scene our Chicago Med team cleared footage from a real anastomosis surgery to play on the monitors!” the tweet said. “The surgery is so intricate that it was the better option to actually show what is being done with the veins!”

Chicago Med Story Line Involved Grandmother Trying to Save Grandson

Now, let’s set up that key scene. As Chicago Med opened, Crockett (Dominic Rains) was on a coffee run. A car drives up to the ER area. It’s a grandmother, Celeste, frantic about her grandson, Zeke. who is bundled up in the back seat. He suffers from advanced liver disease. Celeste tells Crockett he could be Zeke’s last hope.

But once Crockett and Blake (Sarah Rafferty) check his records and talk to Celeste, they realize why there is such a big problem. Celeste wants them to use a portion of her liver to save her grandson. But she’s 68 and suffers from diabetes and high blood pressure. Five hospitals already turned her down. No transplant team ever would use her liver. She begs Crockett and Blake to reconsider. She’s in much better health than the last time the tests were done, she says. And if she can’t donate her liver, her grandson most certainly will die.

Celeste’s tests are improved, so Blake agrees to do the transplant. But Zeke is crying and doesn’t want to go through with the surgery. Both his parents died of Covid-19. He thinks he gave them the virus because he was too young for the vaccination. His grandmother is all he has left, and he doesn’t want to be the cause of her death.

Good news. Both Celeste and Zeke came through surgery just fine. Crockett is there when Celeste wakes up, telling her he has a message from Zeke. “You rock, grandma.”

Blake Reveals to Crockett Something Is Wrong With Her Hand

But Celeste starts to have complications. So she’s rushed back into surgery. Blake realizes she’s having issues with her hand and asks Crockett to tighten the clamp. After the surgery, Crockett tells her not to blame herself. But she snapped that she’s in charge of her OR, so she’s responsible. Finally, she shows Crockett what’s going on. When she pinches her fingers together, her hand shakes. She has no idea what’s wrong, but it’s devastating for a surgeon tasked with such delicate procedures. Rewatch the Chicago Med video again for proof.

At the end of the Chicago Med episode, the One Chicago social media account posted: “Crockett has Pamela’s back, no matter what.”