‘Chicago Med’: How Torrey DeVitto Brought Her Medical Expertise to the Show

by Taylor Cunningham

Before Torrey DeVitto was a doctor in Chicago Med, she was a full-time hospice worker. And she credits that experience to her successful run on NBC’s hit medical drama.

In a chat with Nerds of Color, DeVitto admitted that her spot in One Chicago almost felt like kismet. Because long before she became a TV star, she worked in patient care. While doing that, she gained a wealth of knowledge about the medical field. And, of course, that translated well to her character, Dr. Natalie Manning.

“I went into this thing, and I had been doing hospice care for about eight years at that point,” she shared. “And I went into the audition feeling like, ‘wow, I really feel my hospice work wanting to merge with this role,’ and everything just felt right.” 

“It was like one of those feelings where I was like, ‘I need this, I need this. This role is made for me.’ And luckily, they thought it too,” she added.

Between Filming ‘Chicago Med’ Episodes, DeVitto Voulanteered for Hospice

In a separate interview with Crookes Magazine, Torrey DeVitto went into more detail about her time with hospice. And she made it clear that it was never just a job for her. Instead, it was, and still is, a passion.

Though the actress no longer works in the field to pay her bills, she still makes it a point to stay connected. At the time of the interview, she was volunteering with a Windy City organization called Rainbow Hospice while filming for Chicago Med.

DeVitto went through the process of retraining so she could give her spare time to inpatient care. And she had one patient whom she worked with “about once a week.”

That patient also happened to be an avid fan of Chicago Med, so DeVitto was able to merge her passions once more by bringing the woman to the set one day.

“It was very fun and something I had never done before,” she said. “This is the first patient I have had that actually knows what I do for a living!”

And that mixed with her other experiences definitely helped mold her role as a pediatric ER doctor at Gaffney Medical Center.

“When I first auditioned for Med and felt the compassion that was in the role of Dr. Manning, I knew that my Hospice work would carry me through the audition and help me find who this character was,” she added. “I attribute a lot of me landing this role to my working with Hospice.”