‘Chicago Med’: Is Steven Weber Returning For Season 8 as Dean Archer?

by Sean Griffin

Chicago Med star Steven Weber became a series regular last season during season 7.

As fans await a new season this fall, make sure to catch up on everything you need to know before Season 8 by reading this article.

In the show, Weber portrays Dr. Dean Archer. Dr. Archer is known for his witty remarks and cutthroat attitude toward his career. Although, while his character can be rude to others, Dr. Archer fits right at home with the diverse personalities at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

However, fans want to know: is Steven Weber returning for Chicago Med‘s eighth season as Dr. Archer?

Yes. In fact, Weber is currently the only Chicago: Med star to renew their contract for Season 8, Deadline reports. However, the main cast is expected to return for the eighth season. After re-signing a new deal, Weber will continue being credited as a series regular. Weber’s character has proven to be a popular commodity with fans.

Looking ahead to next season, there’s a lot to look forward to involving Dr. Archer. First, we’ll see how his power struggle with Ethan Choi unfolds. Choi has been missing time because of an injury. Upon his return, we’ll be sure to see a clash between him and the strong-willed Archer.

Also, Archer still seems wary of Hannah Asher. Hannah, who was an addict in the past, has admirably recovered. She claims a new perspective on life. However, we’re left to believe that Archer still isn’t so sure. If we are to see Asher fail on her road to recovery, we’ll be sure to see Archer watching closely behind.

Bad News for ‘Chicago Med’ Fans

While the return of Steven Weber as Dr. Archer is undoubtedly great news for Chicago Med fans, there has been some recent bad news. It has been confirmed that the popular show is leaving Netflix in July of 2022.

The Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead-created series premiered on November 17, 2015. Currently, Seasons 1-5 are available for streaming on Netflix, but not for long. All five seasons on the platform will be removed on Thursday, July 21, 2022.

However, international licensing agreements differ country by country. So while July 20th is the last day for an American fan of Chicago Med to watch episodes on Netflix, a British fan of the show would have until August 31. In the UK, Chicago Med will be removed from Netflix on September 1st.

However, fans are no longer waiting the network’s announcement of the Season 8 premiere date. It has been announced: the new season of Chicago Med will air on NBC on September 21, 2022. Fans only have about three more months before the new season begins.