‘Chicago Med’ Star Marlyne Barrett Speaks Out After Revealing Cancer Diagnosis

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Marlyne Barrett plays Maggie Lockwood on Chicago Med and does a great job in the role but she’s taking up a bigger battle. Barrett has revealed that she is battling uterine and ovarian cancer. But Barrett is making it clear that she is not giving up at all. In fact, Barrett is speaking out after the diagnosis became public knowledge.

In a post she wrote and shared on Twitter, Barrett said, “I am Blown away at the support and love that I’ve received. Thank you for the encouragement. It means a lot to me and my family at this time. I want to give a special thanks to my Wolf Entertainment family and everyone at Chicago Med. I can’t do this without so many people getting involved to support me. It’s actually physically impossible! To those who facilitate day in and day out, in order for me to come to work and do what I do, thank you!

Marlyne Barrett Calls Tonight’s ‘Chicago Med’ Episode ‘Special’

“It’s beyond words how grateful my husband and I are,” Barrett wrote, “To this extended family around the world, I pray we as people remember how BIG life is and how much LOVE can do in a persons life. With that being said..Tonight’s episode of Chicago Med is special, because it was hard to shoot the first two episodes for me. I think you will enjoy what we managed to bring together. This encouragement has blown my mind! -MB”.

Fans were effusive in their love and praise for Barrett. Many offered their kind thoughts and prayers for the actress’ well-being. Others said that they would be watching Wednesday night’s episode. As you may know, Chicago Med is part of the One Chicago block of shows that take up space on NBC on Wednesday nights. Barrett is part of a solid cast that continues to crank out episode after episode of the procedural. It will be interesting to see how Barrett’s character appears on TV. We know that the actress is part of the episode tonight, per her own comments. It’s cool that Barrett can continue to work despite all that she is undergoing at this time.

Back in July, Barrett happened to sign a new deal to stay with the NBC show. One thing that’s interesting to note about her is that she does come from a family of medical professionals. She may be playing one on the TV screen but it’s part of her family background, too. Barrett would have re-upped with other cast members but her deal wasn’t up yet. So, she waited for a little bit and finally got her deal done. Maggie has an important part in the show’s cast of characters.