‘Chicago Med’: Meet The Actress Behind Monique Lawson

by Joe Rutland
(Photo credit should read JIM YOUNG/AFP via Getty Images)

Chicago Med cast members do come and go on the NBC drama and one of them who plays Monique Lawson did depart a bit ago. Still, it’s always cool to catch up and see what they might be doing right now. We’re going to look at actress Casey Tutton, who did play the nurse on the show.

Would you believe that she starred in another Dick Wolf show before Chicago Med? And it was part of the One Chicago universe, too. Tutton plays Collette back in Season 2 of Chicago P.D. Her nurse role also pops up on Chicago Fire in 2018. But the last time she plays Lawson is in 2019 and has not returned to the show.

Casey Tutton of ‘Chicago Med’ Actually Had Part In Another Show With Kelsey Grammer

The actress first hit prominence in 2008 thanks to a movie titled The Poker House. Other movies that followed included Hannah Free and Bad Johnson. A most recent appearance was a couple of years ago on Proven Innocent alongside Kelsey Grammer. The show lasted one season, according to IMDb. Will Tutton return to the Chicago Med? Anything is possible, of course, in the world of these shows. Right now, her next project does not aim her toward an NBC appearance.

Speaking of characters and possible returns, is Guy Lockard returning for Season 8? He offered a little insight to the possibility thanks to Twitter. “Just ran into the legendary @randyflagler at COVID Testing (all 3 shows go through COVID testing before we can go to set and I’m pissed,” Lockard writes back in April 2022. “I forgot to take a pic with my dude and probably won’t see him again until next season. Needless to say he lit up the room as usual.” Flagler actually is a cast member on Chicago Fire. It’s OK, though. Anytime the actors in this franchise get together, it’s good news.

In Other Character News, Dr. Hannah Asher Is Returning To Show

Look for Jessy Schram to return in a full-time role as Dr. Hannah Asher. The good doctor had to work on getting clean and sober. Her life was a mess, just like addicts get in their lives. Well, she spent time away from Gaffney but she’s ready to come on back.

“We didn’t want to bring her back as the same kind of damaged addict that she had been,” showrunner Andrew Schneider said. “But to see how that journey has progressed after her rehab and her sobriety for the last year. So she would have a very different dynamic, both with Will and other members of the staff.” That’s Will Halstead, played by Nick Gehlfuss.