‘Chicago Med’: Meet the Talented Actress Who Plays Jessa Rinaldi

by Caitlin Berard

The hit medical drama Chicago Med follows the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff of a state-of-the-art trauma center in Chicago. And though the series never fails to bring the drama, Season 7 was a particularly intense nail-biter.

After covering up a serious ethics violation, Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) was tasked with saving his own career as an emergency medicine physician. Meanwhile, Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson), the head of the city’s largest hospital, must maintain a balanced budget while continuing to provide top-notch care to every patient.

As such, one of the most prominent storylines features Halstead and Goodwin’s investigation into Dr. Matt Cooper (Michael Rady), a corrupt cardiologist pushing Vas-COM, a brand of central venous catheter, for his own personal gain. Dr. Cooper advocated for the use of the device at the expense of his patients, who rarely needed it. And even if they did, there was usually a cheaper option.

Jessa Rinaldi (Angela Wong Carbone) is a minor character but plays an integral role in this scheme. A device representative at Vasik Labs, Jessa Rinaldi works to hide the criminal behavior of her company. And in episode 9, Jessa and Matt are finally arrested by the FBI following a tip from Sharon Goodwin, shattering Jessa’s virtuous facade.

‘Chicago Med’ Star Angela Wong Carbone is a Producer and Writer

Though she has a relatively small role in Chicago Med, Angela Wong Carbone already has an impressive career behind her. After training at NYU Stonestreet and Cornell University, she jumped straight into both acting and producing. In addition to playing Jessa Rinaldi, Angela Wong Carbone has more than 25 acting credits to her name, along with producing and writing experience.

The young actress has appeared in Swipe Night and The Emma Agenda, on top of many independent short films. She also produced two short films of her own, Acid Fantasy (2019) and Song for Ueno (2017), and wrote a 2019 short entitled Postmarked.

Angela Wong Carbone already holds one award and one nomination for her works. In January of 2021, she won Best Supporting Actress for Night Out, and was nominated for Best Acting Ensemble in the New York International Film Awards.

In Season 7’s penultimate episode, Jessa Rinaldi (Angela Wong Carbone), who’s staring down a prison sentence, resorts to begging. She pleads with Dr. Will Halstead to spare her by refusing to testify in the Vas-COM trial. Halstead chooses his own career and patients in the end, however, and goes to court.

If the court case bleeds into Season 8, and it likely will, Angela Wong Carbone could reprise her role as Jessa in the coming episodes.