‘Chicago Med’: New Cast Posting Suggests a Familiar Face Might Return

by Megan Molseed

Fans of the popular NBC One Chicago franchise know well that these TV dramas certainly bring the big storylines to the forefront. So, it can only be expected that each season finale would leave us hanging – making us wonder: just who, exactly, can we expect to return next season. And, this is exactly what the One Chicago medical team did for us in the Chicago Med’s seventh season finale this spring. But now, one recent posting suggests that one character that left us concerned is likely returning to the series.

Fans Are Hoping To See Some Chicago Med Favorites Return For The Show’s Eighth Season

The seventh season finale of Chicago Med left us wondering about the fate of many popular series characters. This, of course, is a big concern as we now have to wait until the fall premiere season to see what will happen from some of the cliffhanger storylines.

And, among these storylines is that of Sarah Rafferty’s Pamela Blake. Last season, the surgeon who is relatively new to the Med team, found herself in hot water when a procedure did not go as planned. Things got so bad, in fact, that fans are wondering if Rafferty’s Dr. Blake had any future in the operating room.

Now, however, a recent breakdown by the One Chicago network, NBC suggests that we can expect Dr. Blake to return to the series next fall. According to an NBC Insider report, a breakdown of the Chicago Med cast for next season includes Rafferty’s scene-stealing surgeon character.

This is good news for Chicago Med fans who have been drawn to Rafferty’s Dr. Pamela Blake. She joined the crew at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center in a recurring role, so her status on the series has never been fully clarified.

Rafferty Gave Us Some Big Drama On Chicago Med During A 16 Episode Run

When Rafferty’s Pamela Blake first appeared in the series last fall, she quickly became a memorable character in the series. She started out with a bang, quickly falling into major drama after she denies a liver patient a transplant because of an infection. The patient’s son poisons all the surgical masks, causing the transplant team to collapse prior to a procedure. This is also the start of something brewing between Blake and Dominic Rains’ Dr. Crockett Marcel as he caries Blake to safety.

In another episode, Dr. Blake reveals to Dr. Marcel a problem she has been having with her fingers. She faced some dire situations due to this issue; including nearly killing a transplant patient because she couldn’t put the clamp on tight enough.

“The clip didn’t hold because I didn’t engage it tightly enough,” Blake tells Crockett in the dramatic moment.

“I couldn’t engage it,” the Chicago Med surgeon says. “My hand at rest … rock steady. But when I pinch my fingers together, there’s something wrong with my hand, Crockett. There’s something really wrong.”