‘Chicago Med’: One Star of a Hit AMC Series Was Cut From the Pilot

by Chris Piner

Surrounding an elite team of doctors at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, the hit series Chicago Med continues to be one of the many successful shows to come from NBC and Dick Wolf. Over the past eight seasons, fans watched as key characters like Dr. Natalie Manning, played by Torrey DeVitto, juggle the hardships of being a doctor and trying to have somewhat of a normal life. But while fans adore DeVitto’s take on the character, the show almost went an entirely different direction with a character named Dr. Hannah Tramble, portrayed by a famous actress from The Walking Dead series, Laurie Holden. 

Although doing well for herself, landing roles on The Walking Dead, The Americans, and The Boys, Laurie Holden once starred as Dr. Hannah Tramble in the first season of Chicago Med. She can even be seen in the episode entitled, I Am the Apocalypse on Chicago Fire. With the cast set and Holden carrying a main role, Chicago Med appeared to be ready for its premiere when the producers announced Holden was being cut from the pilot episode, and instead of recasting her part, Dr. Tramble was to be written out of the show. 

Laurie Hold Moves Past Chicago Med

While still gaining a massive following, fans often wondered what Chicago Med might have been if Laurie Holden stayed on as she already had a recurring role. Still, as roles come and go all the time, the actress didn’t let it stop her as she starred in the iconic series, The Walking Dead. And as mentioned above, she recently starred in the hit Amazon series, The Boys. Following a group trying to destroy corrupt superheroes, Holden played the Crimson Countess. 

Not giving any spoilers away, Laurie Holden discussed her time on the set of The Boys with TV Insider. She said the role intrigued her as she loved the show, but that was just the start. “I’m a fan of the show and I don’t know who wouldn’t want to play a superhero on this show. It’s just so wacky and wonderful and I loved what they created. The fact that she was a singer, that she was a champion of the chimpanzees, I loved that she had this backstory where you could see how she was the “it girl” during that time with Soldier Boy and then the aftermath of how Vought basically cast her aside. I thought that it was a really rich, fun, full character.”

Having To Sing For The Boys

On top of portraying the Crimson Countess, Laurie Holden had to sing, and apparently, nobody told her until a week before. “They didn’t even tell me that my character was singing until a week before my final fitting. And that was a 10-week bonanza in Los Angeles with [Laura Jean Shannon] and her team. Right towards the tail end of that, I got a call from my agent saying, ‘oh, they just wanted you to know you’re going to be doing two musical numbers, are you OK with that?’ And it’s like… I already have the role. And I just said, ‘well, let them know, yes. And if it’s not to their liking, they can always dub me.’”