‘Chicago Med’: One Real-Life Couple Are Also Broadway Stars

by Shelby Scott

As former Chicago PD star Sophia Bush pointed out, it’s not uncommon for TV costars to date in real life. However, interestingly, while we’ve seen some fictional couples form across the One Chicago universe, e.g. Chicago PD‘s Trudy and Chicago Fire‘s “Mouch,” two Chicago Med stars actually share a closer romance off screens. In addition, they both happen to be renowned Broadway stars.

Taking to Reddit, one eagle-eyed fan pointed out that former Chicago Med stars Chris Donnell (Dr. Connor Rhodes) and Patti Murin (Dr. Nina Shore) are actually married in real life. However, what makes their real-life marriage even more interesting within the set of Chicago Med is their characters rarely interacted. In fact, as Dr. Rhodes endured not one but two traumatic relationships, Dr. Shore quickly ignited a relationship with longtime star Nick Gehlfuss’s character, Dr. Will Halstead.

That said, Donnell and Murin were wed in 2015. Additionally, the two seemed to share a pleasant experience while on Chicago Med. Further, as fans of the medical drama flocked to the Reddit post to share their mixed reactions to the revelation, another knowledgable fan pointed out, “they are both Broadway performers!”

According to Looper, Donnell has a total of three Broadway productions on his resumé, including Jersey Boys, Anything Goes, and Violet. Murin has also featured in three Broadway shows herself. These include Xanadu, Lysistrata Jones, and Frozen.

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Want a Series Prequel

As unlikely as it sounds, given the contemporary timeline of the entire One Chicago universe, Chicago Med fans have an idea for an interesting spinoff to the medical drama. Upon first glance, there’s a handful of problems that connect to that suggestion, foremost that Chicago Med is actually a spinoff itself, boasting roots from Dick Wolf’s original One Chicago series, Chicago Fire. However, the timeline is also a major contributor.

Nevertheless, it’s always fun to think creatively, and in a prior subreddit thread, one fan said they’d love to see a spinoff of Chicago Med focused on the hospital’s veteran personnel in their youth. More specifically, they wrote, “Hear me out, a spinoff featuring dr. Charles, Goodwin, etc when they were young.”

Chicago Med fans didn’t exactly hate the idea, with multiple contributors expanding on the proposed spinoff.

In response to the post, one fan commented, “I know it would never actually happen but it’d be awesome to see. You could have Dr. Charles’ generation as the residents and attendings, with Sharon in Maggie’s position. Then have Latham as a student and Maggie as a trainee nurse.”

As fun, creative, and appealing as that sounds, it doesn’t seem as though showrunners are up to the idea. In fact, in speaking about the series’ timeline, and specifically the COVID-19 pandemic, executive producer Andrew Schneider said, “It was something that we had to incorporate, being a contemporary medical show.”