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‘Chicago Med’: Remember When One Character Popped Up in ‘Blue Bloods’?

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Plenty of actors who appear on shows like Chicago Med also have done other work elsewhere on TV, too, and Blue Bloods is in this mix. The NBC drama just brings out the best in its cast members. This one, though, happens to have done double duty on these dramas. He’s awfully good in his roles and might even return to them at some point.

The actor we are talking about here is Ato Essandoh. According to IMDb, he shows up on Chicago Med as Dr. Isidore Latham at Gaffney. Essandoh appeared between 2016-21 on the show and has been a recurring character. Over on Blue Bloods, he did show up as Reverend Darnell Potter between 2011-16. Again, this was as a recurring character.

Actor Makes Most Recent ‘Chicago Med’ Appearance In 2021 Episode

What does that mean? Both shows could have him return in these roles at some point. Essandoh, though, has not been on Chicago Med this season and there are no plans in the works for him right now. In the Blue Bloods episode Unbearable Loss, Potter, who is a critic of Frank Reagan, finds his son murdered. He now turns to the New York Police Department for help in finding the person who is behind this crime.

His most recent appearance on Chicago Med was in the 2021 episode titled I Will Come to Save You. According to the synopsis, Carol gets a second chance at life as a new heart is available. Ethan and Dean are in hot water when it comes to an old patient. Will also will face the consequences of the stolen trial medication.

Essandoh Has Other TV Credits To His Name Like ‘The Good Wife’

The actor also had a couple of appearances in another Dick Wolf show, Law & Order. Back in 2003, he played Jason Hendri in an episode. In 2007, Essandoh shows up as Andre Blair. Other TV shows in his career include The Good Wife, Person of Interest, Elementary, and Away. Cast members on Chicago Med do play first responders and they do it well in the drama that airs on Wednesday nights. Would you believe, though, that there was a day when actors turned into real-life first responders?

Actors Edward Freemon, Pauli Blanco, and Chris Sammarco smelled smoke in the air. They went looking for where it was coming from and they found an apartment building on fire. The three actors then started going unit by unit in there. At one of them, they found two older women trapped. They helped get them to safety and away from the fire and smoke. Such a situation turns TV life into real life pretty quickly.