‘Chicago Med’: Is Sarah Rafferty Actually Leaving the Show?

by Suzanne Halliburton

Is Chicago Med saying so long to noted transplant surgeon Pamela Blake? Now that she’s suffered a stroke and can’t touch her fingers to her nose, is her career over at Gaffney Medical Center?

Although nothing has been announced by Chicago Med producers, it appears Sarah Rafferty, who portrayed Dr. Blake, may not be long for the One Chicago universe. She’s already in Canada filming her new Netflix series. And a post she made a couple of months ago to her Instagram account sure looks like she said goodbye to the Chicago Med staff and the city itself.

Back before the Chicago Med finale, Rafferty posted a video and a photo gallery on Instagram. She was relaxed and in her high-rise apartment, overlooking downtown Chicago. She thanked someone for her “most sublime home away from home” the last seven months. And she added: “The loveliest memories were built here with family and friends who joined me from far and wide.”

Then she wrote about Chicago Med: “So grateful to my new BFF’s, the loveliest cast and tireless crew of One Chicago who lifted my spirits every single day on set and kept me giggling.”

Rafferty Appeared As Dr. Blake for 16 Chicago Med Episodes This Season

Rafferty joined the Chicago Med cast this past season. Her first episode was last October. She appeared in 16 episodes, overall. And trust us, a transplant surgeon gets into some trouble. In one episode, she had to deny a patient a liver because the patient had an infection. The patient’s son poisoned all the surgical masks, so the entire transplant team collapsed before the operation. That’s when we knew Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains) really liked Blake. He figured out that the masks were the problem. And then he picked up Blake and carried her to safety.

In another Chicago Med episode, Blake told Marcel about the problems she had with her fingers. She very nearly killed another liver transplant patient because she didn’t put a clamp on tightly enough.

“The clip didn’t hold because I didn’t engage it tightly enough,” Blake told Crockett. “I couldn’t engage it. My hand at rest … rock steady. But when I pinch my fingers together, there’s something wrong with my hand, Crockett. There’s something really wrong.”

And then in the finale, Blake gave Crockett her power of attorney before she went in for surgery to repair the problem with her fingers. Crockett made the wrong decision, telling the surgeon to stick with a safer procedure. When Blake woke up, she couldn’t touch her finger to her nose. That was a sign she suffered a stroke.

Rafferty’s next project is My Life with the Walter Boys. It’s in production in Calgary. She plays a veterinarian who also is the mother of eight kids — seven sons and a daughter.

Chicago Med is entering its eighth season. It’s unclear who is coming back or who may be leaving. So stick with Outsider for more details.