‘Chicago Med’: This Season 7 Technical Detail Has Fans Thoroughly Confused

by Taylor Cunningham

As a whole, the Chicago Med season 7 finale was the type of exciting, dramatic, and suspenseful closure that we’ve learned to expect from the One Chicago franchise over the years. But there was one major technical detail that some fans are having a hard time believing.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead.

To recap, the episode saw a few deadly situations unexpectantly spawn before our eyes. The most worrisome was when Dylan and Will found themselves trapped in Will’s burning apartment building. That storyline, of course, won’t conclude until next season.

But another situation that had us worried was when Dr. Sharon Goodwin was celebrating her birthday on the top floor of a tall and swanky downtown restaurant and her daughter Tara went into labor. Normally, the event would have been a happy turn for the characters. But in this case, the elevators in the entire building went out of commission precisely when Sharon and Tara tried to head to Gaffney.

Luckily, the writers didn’t leave us hanging on a cliffhanger with the birth of Sharon’s first grandchild. Thanks to the fact that the party was swarming with medical professionals, Tara was able to deliver inside the restaurant.

But once the family was in the clear, fans couldn’t help but point out the obvious and unrealistic detail—how could a high-brow Windy City restaurant only have one way in and one way out?

“So, the restaurant has a single elevator? No staircase? Sounds like a death trap,” u/mattcasey28 asked on Reddit. “No freight elevator for vendor deliveries?” u/Irving_Forbush questioned. 

The Restaurant From the ‘Chicago Med’ Finale Is a Real Place

After scrolling through some more of the puzzled responses, a few fans noted that they’d actually been to that building. The filming took place in a real Chicago restaurant called the Signature Room. It’s situated on the 95th floor of the famous Handcock Building. And one person pointed out that Chicago Med didn’t really Hollywoodize the lack of exits.

“I’ve been there a few times and tbh I don’t think they have that many elevators that go directly there because it’s very exclusive. Sounds really bad, but they don’t want tourists milling around,” u/Fantastic-Ride-5588 shared.

And another fan noted that they went to the Signature Room for a wedding. And they specifically thought about how strange the “elevator situation” was at the time.

So, it appears that the Chicago Med writers did their due diligence looking for a realistically disastrous location for Sharon’s birthday party. Because in reality, it does sound like it can be a “death trap” in an emergency.

However, due to fire codes, we’re sure there are actually stairs leading down from the 95th floor. But as one Redditor pointed out, that probably wouldn’t have mattered for Tara.

“Go ahead and ask a woman in active labor if she’ll walk down a bunch of stairs,” u/dragonlover5672 noted. “It was clearly a restaurant at the top of one of those really tall towers. But again, please ask a woman in active labor to walk down more than 1-2 flights of stairs. I dare you.”