‘Chicago Med’ Season 7: When Is the Series Returning for Episode 20?

by Shelby Scott

Some of our favorite procedurals and dramas are nearing their spring finales. However, “Chicago Med,” ahead of its final episode, is taking yet another hiatus. So far this season, the “One Chicago” universe, which includes “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Fire” as well as “Chicago Med,” has been slammed with breaks. So, with fans anxious to know what’s next for Gaffney Medical Center’s staff, we’re wondering, when does “Chicago Med” return for the 20th episode of season 7?

According to CarterMatt, there will be no new installment of “Chicago Med” next Wednesday during its usual 8 p.m. timeslot. Unfortunately, there’s further delay sure to frustrate “One Chicago” fans. The following Wednesday will also lack a new episode of “Chicago Med.”

As per the outlet, “Chicago Med” won’t air its 20th episode until Wednesday, May 11th. And while there’s not a whole lot out there about what we can expect from the upcoming episode, not even a synopsis, there is one positive aspect of the series’ two-week hiatus.

Once “Chicago Med” returns next month, fans won’t have any more breaks to endure for the remainder of the season. In reality, there are just 22 episodes for “Chicago Med” Season 7. But, still, it means we can catch the finale without any interruption. 

‘Chicago Med’ Star Returns From Year-Long Hiatus

“Chicago Med” isn’t the only entity experiencing a hiatus lately. Last year, fans of the medical drama said goodbye to Dr. Hannah Asher, a recovering heroin addict, and fan-favorite character Dr. Will Halstead’s girlfriend. While Hannah, for a time, managed to break the addiction, she relapsed, forcing her to leave Gaffney Medical Center, and see her head to Los Angeles where she could again work on her recovery.

Now, as we near the season 7 finale of “Chicago Med,” Hannah has made her return. And with her and Halstead navigating the difficulties of their relationship following her OD last season, series producers went in detail about the thought process regarding the doctor’s return.

“[Hannah] has gone through a long period of recovery,” said executive producer Andrew Schneider. “And we wanted to bring this character back on the other side, the other end of that process.”

While Hannah’s hiatus from “Chicago Med” was long, as the next two weeks will feel for series fans, Schneider explained, “[Her recovery is] a continuing process, but [we wanted to see] a very different side of her, having gone through this.”

Additionally, the character’s return provided writers and showrunners with a new opportunity. Not only does Jessy Schram’s Hannah fulfill the hole recently left by “Chicago Med” doctor Stevie Hammer. Her mid-season return also enables writers to pen a story that will surely endure into the next season.