‘Chicago Med’: Here’s When Season 8 Will Premiere

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chicago Med fans, want to know when you’ll find out if a couple of your favorite doctors find their way out of a burning building? Yes, that season seven finale still lingers and it won’t go away until we see some actual fire hoses and lots of water.

NBC set a fall premiere date for Chicago Med and its fellow One Chicago shows. So set a reminder for Sept. 21. That’s when you’ll see the season eight premiere for all your needs from Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

The season seven finale, called “And Now We Come to the End,” rocked the show. Did we mention the fire? Yes, let’s talk about the fire, which would seem more appropriate for Chicago Fire, which follows Chicago Med in the Wednesday One Chicago lineup. (Yes, we know we’re fire obsessive.)

Nick Gehlfuss portrays De. Halstead on Chicago Med. (ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images)

Here’s the set up. Dr. Scott’s secret love interest, Jo, had been working undercover investigating the Serbian mob. But when her cover was blown, she hid in the apartment building where both Halstead and Asher are living. Scott stopped by to tell her goodbye, then one of the mob guys found them. The fire alarm goes off as Scott, the cop-turned-pediatrician, shoots the mobster. Halstead showed up to help Scott get rid of the Serbian criminal. But the fire got so bad that there seemingly was no escape. That’s how the finale ended.

There was another significant cliffhanger back at the hospital. Dr. Pam Blake has neck surgery to correct the tremors and weakness she’s feeling in her fingers. Since she’s a transplant surgeon, her career would be over if her fingers stay weak. She almost lost a patient earlier in the season when she couldn’t correctly set a clamp tight enough. Dr. Crockett Marcel, her love interest, was in charge of making decisions while Blake was in surgery. A complication developed and Crockett said to take the safer approach. However, when Blake woke up, she couldn’t touch her finger to her nose. She’d always tap her cheek. It seems Blake had a mini-stroke during surgery, so it’s unclear whether she can ever operate again.

It’s also unclear whether the two still will be an item. Earlier this week, the One Chicago Twitter account tossed it back to when the two first got together.

Sarah Rafferty joined Chicago Med in season seven to portray Blake. She’s already filming a drama for Netflix, so it’s unclear whether she’ll return for season eight.

Elsewhere in the finale, Vanessa met her biological father thanks to the help of Maggie, her birth mother. Dr. Charles broke up with his girlfriend, who happened to be his former therapist. And Dr. Sharon Chapman delivered her own granddaughter. And get this, it happened at Dr. Chapman’s birthday dinner at a swanky restaurant in a high-rise building (with a broken elevator).

So remember Sept. 21 for the season eight Chicago Med kickoff.