‘Chicago Med’ Set to Leave Netflix Soon: What to Know

by Megan Molseed

One Chicago fans are facing some disappointing news as one of the shows within the popular TV franchise, Chicago Med will be leaving Netflix later this month. Currently, Chicago Med seasons 1 through 5 are available on the popular streaming service. The most recent two Med seasons have not yet made it onto the platform.

The popular NBC medical drama series is the third installment in the Dick Wolf-led franchise. Med debuted in 2015 joining its successful predecessors Chicago Fire and Chicago PD on the small screen. The series focuses on the lives of the medical team members at the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center emergency room.

Fans of the hit primetime series know that there is plenty of drama – and action – going around at this fictional medical center. Especially as the Med players work hard to balance their professional duties with their often complicated personal lives.

Chicago Med’s Seventh Season Brought Some Big Changes; But, Will Season Eight Be Just As Intense?

When the seventh season of Chicago Med hit the airwaves last fall, the Gaffney Medical Center team was facing some major shakeups, saying goodbye to two major characters. However, it seems that Med’s eighth season will be a little easier along these lines. In fact, one actress whose character faced a fate as season seven came to a close, leaving a return up in the air, has now confirmed she will be returning to the popular Dick Wolf series.

“Here we go!” exclaims Chicago Med star Marlyne Barrett in a recent Instagram post.

“ITS OFFICIAL,” the star adds of her character Maggie’s return to the series.

“More to come for Maggie,” she adds. “Love the Wolf Pack!”

Barrett finishes her announcement by tagging @wolfentertainment and @dickwolf in the message, noting she is “looking forward to Season 8.” The actress ends the message with the hashtag #onechicago.

Fans were soon reacting to this big news by commenting on the Insta post. One fan writes “I’m glad you and Maggie are sticking around”. While another fan comments, “Yess, can’t wait for the new season!”

The fan adds that they are excited to see what will come of the relationship between Maggie and her daughter, Asjha Cooper’s Vanessa. “[Can’t] wait to see her and Vanessa’s relationship blossom more,” the fan says.

Chicago Med will return to the NBC airwaves on Wednesday, September 21 along with the other One Chicago hits, Chicago Fire, and Chicago PD.