‘Chicago Med’ Star Brian Tee Explains Ethan’s Mindset Heading Into Season 7 Finale

by Taylor Cunningham

Former chief Ethan Choi has gone through hell this year on Chicago Med. But according to his actor Brian Tee, the trials have made him stronger, and he’ll showcase that as he heads into the season 7 finale this week.

The season closure last May left Ethan’s life in the lurch. An unhinged patient came into the ER with a gun looking for Dr. Archer. But it was Ethan who got the bullet.

The shooting nearly killed the doctor, but his team was able to pull a Hail Mary. However, the resulting injuries took him away from his job. And as he healed off-screen, Archer temporarily took his job as chief. But when Ethan finally came back to work full-time, he decided that Archer could keep the responsibilities indefinitely.

Recently, Ethan made it a point to tell Dr. Archer that being the chief isn’t who he is anymore. As Tee explained to TVInsider, Ethan said that because he’s gone through a transformation this year. And it’s making him look a life a lot differently.

“Who is Ethan? I think people have this assumption of who Ethan is over the course of six into seven seasons,” he said. “What I love about this season is because of the trauma that he’s experienced from being shot, almost dying, losing the love of his life, and then also his father passing away, I think all of that changes the human. And what I love about the writers is that they evolve as the character evolves.”

‘Chicago Med’ Will Show a New Side of Ethan Choi

That evolution has given the doctor a more abstract take on life. As Tee noted, Ethan used to see things as “Xes and Os, blacks and whites,” but now he sees this whole kind of colorful rainbow and/or I would even say the grays in the middle.”

Because Ethan Choi lost his girlfriend, dad, and almost his life all within a matter of months, he was either going to fall apart or build a new perspective. And luckily, he chose the latter. And we’re going to see a glimpse of Ethan’s new persona as Chicago Med concludes season 7.

“There’s not always the right answer. But I think for Ethan now, he’s willing to bend, if not break certain rules and also see the humanity in things and I would even say look out for not necessarily the practical — whether it’s within the facility of standards and laws and practices — rules. But I think the greater good, especially when helping his patients,” Tee shared. “So in that evolution, I think that’s where he’s headed.”

Watch the Chicago Med season finale tomorrow (May 25) on NBC at 8/7c.