‘Chicago Med’ Star Brian Tee Speaks Out About Ethan’s ‘Contentious Relationship’ With His Father

by Taylor Cunningham

Ethan Choi has experienced countless levels of grief and trauma during his tenure at Gaffney Memorial, including a contentious relationship with his late father, but after the most recent episode of Chicago Med, all of those emotions came to a boiling point. And from here on out, we may see a major, positive change in the character.

During the May 18th installment, Ethan learned that his father, Patrick, had a secret relationship with a man named Gerald. The two were in love but Patrick kept the affair from his friends and family. And while the shocking revelation could have worsened Ethan’s issues with Patrick, it did the opposite. It opened his eyes to a whole new side of his father.

As Ethan’s actor Brian Tee shared with Catermatt, the story answered questions about the dramatic relationship that the doctor had battled with for so many years.

“I think the audience experiences it just as Ethan does [at the end of the episode],” he said. “Ethan’s had such a contentious relationship with [his father]. Lo and behold, there’s this man who was his secret lover and had this secret life with him. When he walked into these doors, Ethan is searching for and seeking something. What he finds is far beyond anything he could ever imagine or realize.”

Ethan Will Continue to Explore The Revelation During the ‘Chicago Med’ Season Finale

Before the show wrapped up, we watched as Ethan learned the truth about his father and his deep love for Gerald. Ethan was able to walk through the house that the couple shared and see the family pictures and memories they made. While doing so, the doctor learned about both himself and Patrick. And the experience was invaluable for the doctor who had spent so many years pushing away his fears and emotions.

During last season’s Chicago Med finale, a deranged patient shot and nearly killed Ethan Choi. And while the doctor didn’t appear regularly, it was apparent that the attack nearly broke him emotionally and physically. As a result, his career nearly ended. In fact, he decided to turn down his position as chief. But his recent meeting with Gerald was a necessary and cathartic twist.

“For myself, that was incredible to experience,” Tee said of filming the scene. “With Ethan, you never get to see that side of him. He’s always had this barrier around himself, and over the past six seasons, you knew that he had a lot of torment and experienced a lot of trauma. He keeps everything inside. Here, you saw that he can no longer do that. As he’s evolving, there are certain parts of him that have to be released and explored.”

As Chicago Med season 7 comes to a close next week, we’ll see Ethan Choi deeper explore his emotions after meeting Gerald, according to Catermatt. And that will also lead to a twist in the relationship between him and Archer.

Watch the episode Wednesday, May 25th on NBC at 8/7c.