‘Chicago Med’ Star Hints at Exciting Season 8 Return

by Tia Bailey

Chicago Med” is returning soon for season 8, and a star from the show is hinting at an exciting return.

The seventh season of the drama series featured an explosive ending, leaving viewers with many questions in regard to one character’s fate. Dr. Dylan Scott, played by Guy Lockard, ended the season in an apartment building as it caught on fire. Fans could only assume the worst for the character. This worried fans, as Scott has only been on the show for one season. Thankfully, things may be looking up for Dylan Scott after all.

Lockard posted a photo to Instagram in character last week, with the location set to Chicago, Illinois.

Fans commented, expressing their excitement. @nbconchicago commented, “LOOKIN’ GOOD, DOC!!” Another user, @khaleah_loves_pink, said, “I missed you Dr. Scott!! #season8vibes #drscott”.

Lockard’s character, Dylan Scott, became a resident in the Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics Department after leaving his former job as a police officer. He appeared in all 22 episodes of season 7, and fans took a liking to him immediately. Twitter user @fromiftowhen tweeted last year: “I think I’ve started every episode of #ChicagoMed this season saying this, but I LOVE DR. DYLAN SCOTT.”

Lockard is also set to guest star as Dr. Dylan Scott in “Chicago P.D.,” another show in the Chicago One series.

Season 8 of “Chicago Med” Returns in September

The season 7 finale of “Chicago Med,” “And Now We Come to the End,” left on a cliffhanger for several characters before taking a summer hiatus. Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), was trapped in the smokey, fiery apartment alongside Scott. Dr. Pam Blake (Sarah Rafferty) suffered from a mini-stroke during her career-threatening surgery. This left viewers unsure if she will be able to operate again. This could also affect the budding relationship between her and Dr. Crockett Marcel (Dominic Rains), who was left in charge of making decisions for her while she was under the scalpel.

While the future may be uncertain for some, other characters are understood to be staying around for a while. Word got out early this month that Marlyne Barrett, who plays Maggie Lockwood and is even a registered nurse in real life, signed a multi-year contract with NBC. At least we can count on one character sticking around for a while.

Season 8 of “Chicago Med” will premiere on September 21 on NBC, along with the new seasons of the other shows in the Chicago One series, “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D.” Maybe some familiar faces from “Chicago Fire” can hop in to bail Scott and Halstead out? Fans can only hope.

Viewers can catch up on the past seasons of “Chicago Med” by streaming on Peacock.