‘Chicago Med’ Star Marlyne Barrett Signs Major Deal With NBC: What It Means

by Joe Rutland

Another longtime cast member, Marlyne Barrett, will be hanging around for a bit longer on the NBC drama Chicago Med. Word went out on Monday that Barrett, who plays Maggie Lockwood, signed a major deal, Deadline reports. A number of other cast members re-upped their deals last year. Barrett did not get one done then because her contract was not up at that time.

Ironically, Barrett would come from a family of medical professionals and she even became a registered nurse. But never practiced in real life. Other places you might have seen her appear on include the famed series The Wire, Kings, and Damages. Barrett has been on Chicago Med since its first season and enters Season 8 on the show. It leads off the One Chicago franchise night of shows on Wednesday nights on NBC. Barrett is represented by Gallant Management and Sloane Offer Weber & Dern. That deal she signed is a multi-year one so she’s not going anywhere else anytime soon.

Marlyne Barrett of ‘Chicago Med’ Recalled Her Own Audition

As you know, actors have to go through the rigors of auditions. It’s no different for Barrett. She, though, did recall what her audition for Chicago Med was like. Barrett did take some time off from acting due to a personal tragedy. The actress even wondered if she would return to her chosen profession at all. That’s when fate, or whatever else you might call it, worked in her favor.

“It’s a combination of what I call a divine appointment in time, what I call a kairos time, and just destiny opening up because I don’t know how they knew I was available,” Barrett said in an interview. She originally had auditioned for numerous roles in Chicago P.D. Because of her own family background, the actress does have a lot of respect for the medical profession. There’s little doubt that Barrett probably had leaned on her own experiences when playing Maggie.

Meanwhile, fans keep a close watch on their favorite show. One time, Maggie and her husband were thinking about adopting a young boy. But, in the process, they learned that the family who adopted the young boy’s brother also wanted him, too. Maggie and her husband make a heartbreaking decision. And fans hated her decision. Maggie talks about this with a costar on the show. She revealed something from Maggie’s own background. One fan would write in the comments of a YouTube video with this scene in there, “I watched this episode and kept yelling at the screen. Also, the creators really hate people having kids. Give someone a happy ending with a child!” There’s still time for Maggie and husband Ben Campbell to possibly adopt in the future.