‘Chicago Med’ Star Promises Season 7 Finale Will Have a ‘Big Impact’

by Shelby Scott

Chicago Med” might not see the most street action within Dick Wolf’s “One Chicago” franchise. However, despite its confinement to, mostly, the halls of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center, writers have a way of putting our favorite “Med” characters into some dicey situations.

Take last year’s season finale. We saw actor Brian Tee’s character Ethan Choi gunned down by one of Dean Archer’s former patients. Now though, with the season seven finale of “Chicago Med” just days away, series star Steven Weber promised the final episode will definitely have a “big impact” on its characters and fans alike.

As we know, “Chicago Med” and its sister series “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago PD” have a penchant for cliffhanger finales. Oftentimes, the episodes leave fans wondering about the fate of some of our favorite characters. Sometimes, the showrunners leave us to even question whether we’ll see those characters return the following season.

Last year, when Dr. Choi got shot, fans were relieved to see the actor back on the “Chicago Med” set. And this year, while he hasn’t revealed a whole lot, the Dean Archer actor did say, “Fans will not be disappointed.”

He further revealed that “There’s going to be a big impact,” in the “Chicago Med” finale. “Something big is going to happen…People are just gonna lose the power of articulate speech.”

Weber concluded, “[Fans] won’t know what to do.”

‘Chicago Med’ Finale Will Have Important Focus on Dr. Ethan Choi

Whether or not “Chicago Med” fans are as shocked at the finale as the Dean Archer actor says they will be, we did get confirmation about one thing. The upcoming final episode will put a special focus on “Chicago Med” star Brian Tee’s character, Dr. Ethan Choi. Weber shared further information about the upcoming plotlines with One Chicago Center.

“On the one hand,” he began, “[the finale] very beautifully and movingly wraps up some stories that we’ve been watching, most notably, the one involving Ethan.”

The “Chicago Med” star further revealed, “There are some hints about my character and my storyline, which are being teased at interestingly.”

Perhaps most importantly though, the actor said, “There [is] going to be a pretty enormous surprise.”

Most Recent Episode Shows Immense Character Development

While we are more than excited for the season finale of “Chicago Med,” the most recent episode also featured some important storylines.

For a while, we’ve watched Dr. Ethan Choi struggle in his relationship with his father. But in the last episode, he learned of his father Patrick’s secret relationship with a man named Gerald. Patrick kept his relationship a secret from friends and family as he was afraid of how it might affect his other relationships.

However, in Ethan’s case, the truth of the matter actually improved that struggle. In speaking about his character’s latest development, actor Brian Tee said, “I think the audience experiences it just as Ethan does [at the end of the episode].”

In uncovering that secret, Tee continued, “Ethan is searching for and seeking something. What he finds is far beyond anything he could ever imagine or realize.”