‘Chicago Med’ Star Steven Weber Speaks on Dean’s Relationship With Ethan

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago Med has seen a lot of personal growth from doctors Ethan Choi and Dean Archer this year, which has helped strengthen their unlikely bond.

As we all know, Dr. Archer is one of the least liked people in all of Gaffney and Dr. Archer is one of the most loved. But for some reason, the two have forged an odd couple sort of friendship. And in recent episodes, that relationship has grown.

As Ethan has recovered from his near-death experience and grieved the loss of his father, he’s adopted a more compassionate lease on life. That outlook has caught the attention of the ever-self-centered Archer. And it’s given him more respect from Ethan.

But Archer’s actor Steven Weber isn’t expecting the positive example to rub off on him too much—at least, not yet.

“He’s impressed with Ethan. He’s impressed with Ethan’s growth,” Weber shared with TVLine. “On the other hand, Dean has a streak of arrogance and narcissism and insecurity that allows him to revel in the idea that he’s gonna continue on his chief. That’s kind of the torment of this guy.”

Dean Archer is Reveling in His Permanent ‘Chicago Med’ Chief Position

The chief position was something that Ethan handed over to Archer once Ethan returned to work full-time. Originally, Ethan held the title. But when he went on leave after the shooting during the season 6 finale, Archer became chief interim.

Ethan managed to fully recover from his injuries towards the end of season 7. But when he did, he realized that he wasn’t interested in being chief of emergency medicine. So, he gave Archer the job indefinitely.

And though most people at Gaffney don’t think Archer deserves the role, Ethan believes otherwise. And that’s because he sees something in the doctor that almost everyone else can’t. But that doesn’t mean that Archer doesn’t have more soul searching to do before he’s as good of a friend as Ethan.

“He really is a good guy,” Weber continued. “But he’s got bad habits. And the person who’s closest to him in that hospital is Ethan. And he can still be a jerk to him a little bit. He can still kind of dine on Ethan’s evolution, which means he’s evolving away from this position of authority, which Dean wants”

“By the same token, like I say, he loves this guy,” he added. “They’re bonded in a really cool way. So he has some concern about Ethan. But also he has great confidence in him, I think, that whatever he does, whatever Ethan will embark on will probably be a success. It may not be something that Dean inherently understands, at least at this point in his own evolution. But he supports it.”