‘Chicago Med’: These Two Actors Appeared as Guest Stars Before Landing Regular Roles

by Joe Rutland

One of the things that happens a lot on shows like Chicago Med is actors appear as guest stars and then get regular roles. It happens to be one of the things that Dick Wolf and his One Chicago franchise are known for a bit. The show’s cast members become stellar stars on shows like Chicago Med or Chicago Fire. Maybe, being a guest star is one way of proving yourself to the show. Well, there are two actors who were guest stars and, eventually, would get spots on Wolf programs. Each one of these actors would spend a little time in and around Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

We get some of this information through a thread on Reddit. Most Chicago Med fans know that Brian Tee plays Dr. Ethan Choi on there. But did you know that he had a guest-star turn? One person on Reddit writes, “Dr. Choi was a perp on PD.” His character on Chicago P.D. back in the show’s second season was named Jesse Kong.

‘Chicago Med’ Among Dick Wolf Shows That Can Make Guest Stars Into Regulars

But we did mention another cast regular in a guest star spot. This Redditor continues, saying, “Ritter (from Fire) was a patient on Med first.” Daniel Kyri, who plays Darren Ritter on Chicago Fire, appeared as Lane Tucker on Chicago Med in the show’s third season.

A lot of fans know that shows like the One Chicago franchise might take guest stars and find bigger roles for them. Seeing how the actors and actresses interact with one another on Chicago Med is incredibly fun. And Wolf knows how to make this type of thing work. If there is one guy who has franchise making down to a science, then it’s Wolf. He has NBC’s Law & Order and CBS’s FBI franchises in his house.

Also, think about the character development on shows like Chicago Med. Wolf Entertainment’s writers and producers put a lot of emphasis on this. They understand the need for solid characters and actors to portray them. At times, it might seem like being in a guest-starring spot is like a test drive. If you do that role well, then they will think about you when they’re adding a new character. Sure, there have been other examples regarding additional guest stars becoming regulars. It really is a lot of fun to see how these actors become part of a show. Wolf is a master of reusing actors in his shows. Look for one in your favorite show from the world of Wolf. It will not be the first or last time it happens. Think about the fun you’ll have in the future when seeing previous appearances, too.