‘Chicago Med’ Star Torrey DeVitto Had a Short-Lived Romance With a ‘Blue Bloods’ Star

by Taylor Cunningham

In 2020, while we were all lost in the headlines of current world events, a couple of actors from of two favorite shows—Chicago Med and Blue Bloods—were cozying up. And most of us never even knew they were a thing.

Those actors were Torrey DeVitto (Med) and Will Estes (Blue Bloods). While we don’t know exactly when the romance began, the pair went Instagram official on October 7, 2020.

To announce their love, DeVitto posted an artsy black and white photo of herself snuggling with Estes. And the Jamie Reagan actor followed suit by posting a picture of himself and his girlfriend on his own page.

The couple mostly kept their relationship private. But the Chicago Med starlet wasn’t shy about her feelings for Estes. And on a few occasions, she was willing to go on the record to tell the world that he was a dream come true.

“We like to keep pretty private about our plans and what we do and stuff,” she told Us Weekly. “So I don’t want to speak too much on it. But yeah, it’s pretty incredible.”

DeVitto also bragged about her beau’s dedication to activism, which is a passion of hers. And she has openly hoped to find a partner who is willing to dedicate their life to the same causes.

“We’re in such dire times that it’s like, if you can turn a blind eye to anything that’s going on with the planet, with other human beings, with animals, then to me, it’s like, I don’t know that there would be much for me to connect on,” she continued.

The ‘Chicago Med’ and ‘Blue Bloods’ Stars Discretely Broke Up Shortly After

Though somewhere along the way, one or both of the actors realized that they weren’t as compatible as they once believed. And while they never made a show of it, they broke up. Fans only realized they had split when they both scrubbed their pages of each other.

Since ending their relationship, the Chicago Med and Blue Bloods stars have continued to keep their love lives on the down low. However, DeVitto has been paired with former Cubs pitcher David Ross for over a year.

But when she was single, the 38-year-old gave a quick rundown of what she wanted in a partner. And we’re assuming that she’s finding most of those things in Ross.

“What am I looking for? A best friend, somebody to travel with, a partner, somebody who has the same values as me,”  she told Us Weekly. “You know? A family unit, traveling, just fun. But in the meantime, I’m having so much fun with my friends, and traveling and working.”