‘Chicago Med’: Two Major Stars Exit in Season Premiere, While Another Returns

by Suzanne Halliburton

Chicago Med had viewers so emotional during its Wednesday season eight premiere. Two characters left. Another one returned. Fans were upset, then happy.

Now what?

Guy Lockard was the biggest name to depart Chicago Med. He played Dr. Dylan Scott, the character with the rich back story. He was the local son who started as a policeman, just like his father. But he gave up that life to become a pediatrician. Lockard joined Chicago Med for the premiere of season seven.

Scott ended the episode brokenhearted. Fans wanted to give him a giant hug. He’d fallen in love with Jo, an undercover cop. And in the season seven finale, the apartment building where she was staying went up in flames. Plus, Jo, Dylan and Will came under fire from the men Jo was investigating. Dylan figured out a bullet from his gun hit Jo in the gut. Doctors couldn’t save her. How could he stay at this hospital and constantly be reminded of his lost love (and his past cop life)?

“Right now, we’ve finished that arc of his story, so he is leaving right now,” Chicago Med showrunner  Diane Frolov told Variety. “But we have people leave and we have them come back. We’re leaving that door open.

“We love Guy. He did a great job and was wonderful to work with. But what was sort of the cornerstone of his character was a doctor who had been a cop, and couldn’t escape his past — it becomes very evident in the premiere episode. So having really resolved that, we felt we had really covered his story arc.”

Chicago Med Sent Dr. Blake Off to a Boston Rehab

And as expected, Sarah Rafferty’s Dr. Pamela Blake is departing Chicago Gaffney. Blake is the ace transplant surgeon who suffered a stroke while having neck surgery during the season seven finale. She’s headed to a Boston rehab facility so that she can return to surgeries again. And maybe those surgeries will be back at Gaffney. Right now, she’s adamant she wants no relationship — professional or personal — with Dr. Crockett Marcel. After all, Crockett ordered the surgeon to use a particular technique during her surgery. And that move caused the complication.

Late last spring, Rafferty joined the cast of the Netflix drama, My Life with the Walter Boys.”

Episode Ended with a Surprise Appearance By Yaya DaCosta

But Chicago Med featured some happy casting news. The show saved that reveal til the end. Former cast member Yaya DaCosta, who portrays April Sexton, showed up at the cemetery to pay her respect to Brian Tee’s Dr. Ethan Choi’s father. DaCosta left the series before season seven. On the show, her character and Choi had been engaged. She’s now a nurse practitioner and working in the city. And guess what — neither Choi nor April got married while they were apart.

Wolf Entertainment, which produces Chicago Med, tweeted “This reunion! Welcome back to Chicago Med.”

DaCosta joins the show this season as a recurring character. We’re expecting some romance. Frolov told Variety that Chicago Med will resolve the relationship between Choi and April.

DaCosta shows that any character who leaves can come back to Chicago Med. Maybe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Lockard’s Dr. Scott or Dr. Pamela Blake. Stay tuned!