‘Chicago Med’: What Does Finale Cliffhanger Mean for Season 8?

by Taylor Cunningham

Chicago Med’s season 8 could open with some sad news about our favorite doctors—and we may also see a special crossover event.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The One Chicago trio officially closed down for the summer on May 24th. And as always, the finales were epic, heart-pumping, and dramatic.

In the case of Chicago Med, a fire left us with a looming crossover with Chicago Fire to begin Season 8. And unfortunately, it’s not for any happy reunions.

During yesterday’s episode, Dylan and Dr. Will Halstead decided to help undercover cop Jo go into hiding after one of her cases went awry. And the hideout they chose was Will’s half-empty apartment building.

A Fire Left Dylan and Will Trapped During the Final Moments of ‘Chicago Med’

Everything was going rather well for Jo. And she evaded her enemies up until the end of the episode. At that point, Dylan decided to stop in and talk to Jo, saying “I had to see you before you leave.” But before he could pour his heart out to her, the smoke alarm started blaring. And it wasn’t a false alarm.

The building was on fire, and Will told them that they needed to get out immediately. But as it usually goes in television shows, someone had to risk the flames to grab something important. And in this case, it was Jo.

As the cop was quickly gathering her stuff, one of the criminals she was trying to bust ran into the apartment with a gun. Dylan attacked the man. And eventually, the struggle led to the gun going off and hitting the bad guy.

At that point, Dylan decided he couldn’t abandon his Hippocratic Oath to “do no harm,” so he said he was staying behind to save the man who just tried to kill him. But he insisted that Jo leave, saying “It’s not safe for you to stay here.”

Jo was hesitant at first. But after some pleading, she agreed to go. And as she did, Dylan could see that she somehow got hurt during the attack. And she was bleeding.

But there was no time to waste, the flames were consuming the building and Will ran into the apartment to help once he heard the gunshot. So he was ready to grab the criminal and get out before it was too late. However, the finale left us on a cliffhanger showing that it may have been too late. The doctors couldn’t find a way out. The fire had burned too long and the flames blocked every exit.

The ending could mean a lot of things for the season 8 opener this fall. But it’s hard to make guesses about the doctors’ fates. One Chicago has been known to throw some brutal punches after cliffhangers. But at the same time, the writers have also surprised us. For example, during the season 9 finale of Fire, four of the first responders were trapped under a boat in Lake Michigan. And they all survived.