‘Chicago Med’: See What Happens Next When Season 7 Episode 20 ‘End of the Day, Anything Can Happen’ Airs

by Shelby Scott

One Chicago” fans have one more week to go before their favorite Windy City-based series return from their last midseason hiatus. Next Wednesday finally airs an all-new episode of “Chicago Med,” and after what seems like forever, we finally have an episode synopsis telling us what to expect.

The synopsis, shared by Monsters & Critics, promises a whole lot of drama and suspense, with our focus on several of Gaffney Chicago Medical Center’s fan-favorite personnel in addition to some interesting patients.

The synopsis reads, “Dylan helps the daughter of a mob boss. A grandmother comes to Med desperate to save her grandson. Ethan struggles with some shocking news about his father. Will and Vanessa care for Maggie’s high school classmate.”

As one of the city’s trauma centers, there’s always a lot going on at “Chicago Med.” However, the above synopsis reveals that the coming events of “Chicago Med” season 7’s 20th episode will have our favorite characters locked in some pretty intense situations.

On top of the synopsis provided by the outlet, Fansided shared further information regarding the situation surrounding the concerned grandmother and her grandson. As per the second outlet, the dedicated grandmother intends to put her own life on the line as the team works to complete a “risky” liver transplant between the elderly woman and the boy.

Check back here to catch the episode promo for “Chicago Med’s” next episode when the network releases it.

‘Chicago Med’ Cast Members Once Became Real-Life First Responders On Set

It’s one thing to play a first responder and an entirely different thing to be trained as one. However, during filming for a previous episode of “Chicago Med,” several of the medical drama’s cast members became real-life heroes when they had to evacuate a building.

Earlier this season, the cast and crew of “Chicago Med” were working on filming for the episode, “Just as a Snake Sheds Its Skin.” At one point, actor Edward Freemon, who plays one of the transportation team members at Gaffney Medical, smelled smoke.

Freemon, alongside two other “Chicago Med” actors, Pauli Blanco and Chris Sammarco, departed the set in search of the smoke. Not far away, the fictional first responders found an apartment building had caught on fire.

Together, they conducted a search of the building, checking each unit to make sure everyone got out safely. And it was a good thing they were there, too. Amid their search, they came across two elderly women who needed help exiting the building.

Pauli Blanco spoke about the experience with Wolf Entertainment.

“The taste and the smell…It was almost mesmerizing. I’m getting choked up,” he admitted. “The right people were there at the right time. Somebody put us there. Something put us there.”