‘Chicago Med’: What’s Next for Dr. Daniel Charles?

by Tia Bailey

Chicago Med” returns this fall after a fiery season 7 finale. NBC shared what’s in store for character Dr. Daniel Charles in the upcoming season.

Charles, played by Oliver Platt, has been on the show since the beginning. He is the Head of Psychiatry, and cares for patients’ mental health. NBC revealed what is next for the beloved character in season 8.

Season 7 left many of the characters off in uncertainty — several doctors are trapped in a fiery apartment building, a doctor had a surgery go awry, and many doctors face struggles in their love lives. Charles was among the latter, finding himself in a potential relationship with his former therapist, Dr. Richardson (Nora Dunn). The character has not always had the best luck in relationships, but as NBC put it, he “has never had a partner who can equally match his psychiatry background and empathetic nature the way Dr. Richardson can.”

Platt spoke about his character’s love life with Looper. “Look, the guy’s had multiple marriages,” Platt said. “Clearly, there are some intimacy issues here, and I love the fact that we’re on the edges of exploring that stuff. It’s sort of a classic psychological profile for a shrink in that he’s adept at figuring out other people’s emotional landscapes, but his [own] might be a little bit more mysterious to him.”

However, Richardson, as Charles’ former therapist, knows his issues deeply, and may be the one to know how to help.

“Chicago Med” Fans Speak Out About Favorite Characters

Fans look forward to seeing this, as Charles is a widely-loved character in the show. Viewers of “Chicago Med” often take to social media to share their thoughts.

One fan tweeted about how Charles always tries to find a way to help. They wrote: “chicago med is so hilarious because a patient can briefly look at the floor while speaking to a doctor and dr charles will suddenly appear by the doorframe like ‘can i speak to the patient for a bit .. how can i help.'”

Another fan of the show tweeted: “can we all agree that dr. charles is the best character on chicago med?”

Many also share his deep quotes from the show. One fan tweeted: “‘You take a group of people with a powerful desire to help others and throw them in a game where the odds are stacked against them’ – Dr Charles, Chicago Med on rising suicide rates among doctors. Heavy.”

The show itself is heavy. The season 7 finale, titled “And Now We Come to the End,” left off with a huge bang. Dr. Dylan Scott, played by Guy Lockard, and Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), ended the season in an apartment building as it caught on fire.

Fans anxiously await the new season premiere. Season 8 of “Chicago Med” begins on September 21 on NBC.