‘Chicago Med’: What’s Next for Hannah Asher?

by Taylor Cunningham

Hannah Asher is back on Chicago Med, and it looks as though the doctor will be sticking around Gaffney for a while.

Long-watching fans of the show will remember Hannah from season 5. In a 10-episode character arc, Hannah played the love interest of Jay Halstead. But the romance was cut short when it was revealed that Hannah was fighting drug addiction.

During her final episode that season, Hannah Asher overdosed and only survived because of her quick-thinking Chicago Med colleagues. In the end, she decided that she needed to move out of the city in order to reframe her mind and stay clean. So she moved to Los Angeles, and we didn’t hear from her again.

However, the character made a shocking return during this year’s installment titled May Your Choices Reflect Hope, Not Fear. Apparently, Sharon Goodwin had learned a thing or two about second chances during her own troubles earlier that year. And she reinstated Hannah’s employment at Gaffney.

When she walked back through the halls of the hospital, she was a renewed woman. Hannah was completely clean and thriving in her career.

Now that Hannah Asher has reinvented herself, she has a lot going for her in both her personal and professional life, which has us all wondering what’s next.

The ‘Chicago Med’ Doctor Will Not Revisit Her Troubled Past

While it would be natural to think that the writers may decide to put her into a relapse story, that isn’t a likely scenario. The creators already confirmed that they want Hannah to have a more positive experience this time around.

“She has gone through a long period of rehab recovery,” EP Andrew Schneider told TVLine. “And we wanted to bring this character back on the other side, the other end of that process. It’s a continuing process, but [we wanted to see] a very different side of her, having gone through this.”

So it goes to assume that Hannah will probably climb the professional ladder in the hospital and possibly fall back in love with Halstead—if she even fell out of love in the first place.

When the show came to a close this spring, Hannah had successfully won over her fellow doctors, even the ever-snide Dr. Archer, who expressed major concerns about her return. And she also proved to be more savvy and intelligent than ever while treating patients.

The only major question fans have about Hannah’s future involves Halstead. This year, she made it a point to tell her ex that she didn’t want to rekindle their relationship. But her body language and actions have obviously said otherwise, and we know that One Chicago loves a good will-they-won’t-they story.