‘Chicago Med’: When Will the Season 8 Premiere Date Be Announced?

by Leanne Stahulak

Chicago Med” fans are anxiously waiting for news of a Season 8 premiere date after that dangerous cliffhanger at the end of Season 7.

While we know what NBC’s schedule looks like this fall, we don’t yet know when new episodes will start dropping. Likely, “Chicago Med” and the other “One Chicago” shows will premiere on a Wednesday in mid to late September, as they have in the past. But according to TV bloggers Matt & Jess Carter, we won’t receive full confirmation until later this summer.

Per the outlet, networks like to announce fall premiere dates sometime between late June to mid-July. That way they can finalize production details and make sure the first few episodes will be done with post-production by the premiere. The worst thing a network can do is announce a premiere date and then have to push it back unexpectedly.

So we’re at least a few weeks away from knowing when to mark our calendars. But we certainly won’t forget to do that when the “Chicago Med” Season 7 finale is stuck on our minds.

What Can We Expect From ‘Chicago Med’ Seaosn 8?

At the end of Season 7, Drs. Will Halstead and Dylan Scott were trapped in a burning apartment building. They were trying to help their friend Jo, an undercover cop. But a criminal Jo was trying to arrest attacked them in the apartment building, and Scott fought off the attacker.

When the gunman sustained an injury, Scott couldn’t leave him to die in the flames, so he started treating the man who tried to kill him. He told Jo to go, just as Halstead ran back in once he heard the gunshot. The two doctors soon became trapped in the building as the fire blocked off all possible exits.

Many “Chciago Med” fans believe that the explsovie Season 7 finale is the perfect set up for a “One Chicago” crossover event. The presence of the gunman shows how “Chicago P.D.” can get involved. And the fire, obviously, could bring in Station 51 and the “Chicago Fire” crew. Perhaps the first episode of the season will be a crossover, and perhaps not. But either way, it’s sure to come at one point or another this season.

‘Chicago Med’ Star S. Epatha Merkerson Praises Show’s ‘Authenticity’

“Chicago Med” attracts many fans, not only because of the incredible action and emotion of the show but because of the stories the writers choose to tell.

In a recent interview with  Hollywood Outbreak, “Chicago Med” star S. Epatha Merkerson praised the show’s commitment to telling real stories. Often, the conflicts we see played out on screen closely mimic what real-life urban doctors face.

 “[One Chicago‘s] plots may not be literally ripped from the headlines, [but] the show’s writers and producers do strive to make the stories as authentic as possible,” she said.