Chicago Med: Here’s Why Fans Thought Maggie Lockwood Died

by Alex Falls

Of the many characters who work in Gaffney Medical Center, Marlyne Barrett’s Maggie Lockwood remains one of the most popular. She’s even seen as the heart of Chicago Med. She’s always on hand to provide her perspective and help the patients and physicians in the One Chicago universe.

However, she’s not without her own drama. Season seven saw her go through quite a few challenges. Both in the hospital and at home. But some worried fans are concerned the character has actually died after a dramatic brush with death.

But not to worry. Maggie is still alive in Chicago Med. Although she’s had some close calls over the years. In season five, she agreed to donate one of her kidneys to a woman with cancer. Unfortunately, the procedure led to the discovery of breast cancer.

Maggie kept her diagnosis a secret from her co-workers. She didn’t want to be treated any differently if word got out. Barrett said in an interview reported on in One Chicago Center that the storyline was an emotionally significant one for her. She related to the plot after both of her parents dealt with cancer.

“I approached Maggie with bravado,” Barrett said. “She could eat metal, like Superwoman. She definitely had moments of humility, but she never had moments of frailty. The moment I heard it took me aback because my mom is a survivor.”

What’s Next for Maggie Lockwood?

Maggie hasn’t faced mortal danger since season five. However, the fallout of her cancer diagnosis continues to send ripples down her character’s path.

“Maggie recovered from an illness that was very traumatic. And then at the same time, is it something that she’s completely recovered from?” Barret asked. “How do you live with the shadow of the possibility of getting ill again? And I think Maggie constantly has that little presence there.”

By season eight, it seems Maggie is finally in the clear. But the looming shadow will always remain over the character. Her cancer could return or spread to another area. We certainly hope this won’t be the case. But we can never rule out a dramatic turn such as this from the One Chicago universe.

Barrett can relate to Maggie in many ways. Like Maggie, Barrett faced traumatic experiences in her life. To such a degree that she nearly gave up acting before ever landing her role in Chicago Med. She later auditioned for a role for Chicago P.D., but landed her role as Maggie instead achieving her dream of working on a Dick Wolf project. Barrett’s degree in nursing helped her with the role and added a sense of realism to her performance. Even though she almost left acting in the rear view, her passion and a few helping hands helped her overcome the odds. Maggie would be proud.